This blog post was written by the beautiful and busty Freya.

I originally wrote this blog post last year, but after a deluge of entries at the time I held off from submitting it. I’ve just reread all current blog entries and this exercise has only served to reinforce the sentiments hitherto expressed in my scribblings – what a delectable team I’m a part of! It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to share my thoughts with you, here is some Freya philosophy…

As my alter ego, the most common subject of pillowtalk is why I choose to do ‘this kind of work’. I know some clients find it hard to believe what a joy it is to be a member of Team Elite, but for me it’s really that simple. Like many of us, my decision to delve into the world of escorting was motivated by a heady cocktail of financial temptation and the lure of an enigmatic vocation veiled in mystery. Not for a moment have I regretted the resulting journey.

I believe it is the first date that determines our destiny as a companion; the moment we personify our pseudonym for the first time and form our lipsticked mouth into a smile as we wait for you to open the door… I remember Freya’s first date so fondly: my date opening his door and nervously offering me a drink, confessing how his stomach had been in knots all day, I felt so much warmth and desire to connect with him and we shared a wonderful evening together.

I’m still beaming over two years later. I readily admit I’m an optimist by nature, but it’s hardly difficult when I live such a blessed life. My fellow courtesans have expressed their emotions most eloquently in their blog entries (you really should check them out if you haven’t already) and there are valid points made about how this career can test your self-belief to the limit, but my life mantra is to focus on the positive in every situation, and in the world of the modern courtesan I am totally convinced I could not be in a better place, working for the best agency and surrounded by incredible people of both sexes.

As Freya I’ve had the opportunity to explore places I’d never have heard of and meet people who would not have otherwise crossed my path. The excitement I feel as I prepare for and travel to a date has not subsided with time (those of you whove met me already will know of some of my naughty rituals ???) and I’m constantly awed by the wonderful experiences I’m afforded.

When it comes to my ‘colleagues’….words fail me. If you’ve experienced dates with more than one of us you’ll know what I mean. Last year I left our Christmas social on such a high – what an energy when Team Elite enters the room or, er, nightclub. Every girl has their own unique character and no combination of us will yield the same result – the possibilities are endless… I feel truly proud to share experiences with people who are so beautiful both inside and out, the laughter and naughtiness we’ve shared is completely intoxicating and totally addictive…

With negativity blighting the headlines it’s all too easy to get lost in the stress of it all, but take a step back and remember we’re all ultimately united in our quest for happiness. Let me, or one of our other Elite goddesses, bring a smile to your face. Celebrate! Because I believe we’ve got one life and I want to live mine to the full every single day.

Each morning I begin my day by smiling into the mirror, breathing deeply and brushing my skin (feels amazing! Try it!). I cherish every moment of my shower as I sing along to my playlist, lathering up whatever exotic body product I’ve been gifted most recently, before skipping downstairs to explore the contents of the fridge and rustle up something yummy. In short: I find joy in the little things, and this is the energy I will bring to our date. I want to know about you, find the things we have in common, the things we don’t (love a good debate!) and the things that make you sigh with pleasure. It’s interesting that I’m making the final edit on my entry today, when the agency just posted on Twitter how much we love our clients. It’s so true. Please never feel nervous to pick up the phone and book a date: you won’t regret it. We don’t need you to be a superhero, just to be yourself is enough. The entire premise of an Elite experience is to make each other feel good inside and out. You deserve it.

A regular client recently told me that whilst sex is amazing, it’s the intimacy which is the best thing about our dates. I have a high libido and our adventures between the sheets can be as wild or as tender (or both!) as you wish them, but beyond this in me you’ll find a companion who has your soul in her sights. Let’s go on an intimate adventure because, let’s face it, if everyone adhered to the idiom ‘make love not war’ the news would be a lot more fun to watch.

Wishing you a beautiful day regardless of whose company you spend it in.

With love always…Freya xxx