You’ve reached this page as you want to apply for a job at Elite Courtesans (excellent choice). The photos you submit at the application stage are very important and will make the difference between you being interviewed for one of the best paid jobs of your life, or your application being discarded. Please take time to get these photos right. We are not interested in very old holiday pics or photos featuring people other than you. Here are our guidelines on what we want, and what we don’t want. Please read them carefully. WHAT WE WANT
  • Photos taken purely for your Elite Courtesans application, either by yourself in front of a mirror, or taken by a friend (fib and say they are for something else).
  • Photos taken in natural daylight.
  • Photos that are clear and not blurred.
  • Photos taken against a plain, uncluttered wall.
  • You should be wearing two piece lingerie and heels with your midriff and face showing. Hold ups optional.
  • You should be standing in your photos, though one face shot would be appreciated.
  • Do put on make up (not too much) and style your hair. Show us how you would look during a booking.
  • Send photos in a few poses – you can use the photos on our site for posing inspiration.
  • Professional photos that have been retouched.
  • Fully clothed photos.
  • Photos where your face cannot be clearly seen.
  • Photos that were taken more than a month ago.
  • Photos taken in artificial light (these always make you look terrible).
  • Group photos of you and your mates (which one are you??)
  • Poor quality photos either from a webcam, crap camera or taken in dim light.
  • Photos in poses other than standing.
Below are some pretty much spot on pictures and these are the type you should be sending in. We have cropped the forward facing shots for discretion – your shots, however, MUST include your face. Good Escort Photos If you are reading this and thinking, I am not sure I am slim/attractive/fit enough to join, we strongly urge you to do your best with the photos and apply anyway. What do you have to lose? Our discretion is guaranteed and your photos will not be seen by anyone else. We look forward to receiving your application! Any questions before applying? Don’t hesitate to give us a ring. Lisa x