When I wrote about Working Safely as an Outcall Escort, I mentioned that the money should always be collected at the start of the booking, that it should always be counted (preferably in front of the client) and stored away somewhere safe. The reasoning behind this has been reinforced to me during past experiences as an escort and as a manager. Some examples to follow:

Booking 1

Girl arrives at client’s house. He asks her to go upstairs and get his wallet. She says no, he must get it, she does not want to touch his money without him present. He is insistent. She sticks to her guns and refuses. Eventually, after much moaning, he gets his wallet. He comes downstairs with it proclaiming: ‘oh my God, someone has stolen £200 out of my wallet, I only have £150 left! Will that do?’ She says no. She goes to call the agency to let us know he is playing up. Miraculously the client – now panicking that we are going send in the SWAT team to tear his guts off – finds the missing money and pays the girl in full.

Booking 2

Girl arrives at hotel. Client hands her a sealed envelope of money. When she checks it, it’s £60 short. She tells him, he apologises, says the cash point must have short-changed him (uh-huh), takes the envelope off her, goes over to the desk and with his back to hers does some paper shuffling. He hands the envelope back – there you go, £350. She counts it again. It’s not £350, it’s still £290, he still hasn’t put the extra £60 in. She asks him what he is playing at. Eventually she gets the £60 off him and he apologies for trying to ‘scam her’.

I understand why some trustworthy and lovely clients hate to see money being counted or prefer to pay at the end, I really do (there are also many more in this group who don’t mind in the slightest paying up front or having it counted in front of them – it protects both sides after all). However, in my some what vast experience dealing with SO MANY bookings a year, I can say with certainty that the biggest group of problem payers for girls who do good security checks are regular clients. They rarely refuse to pay at all, but trying to short change girls is not as uncommon as you might think. Some genuine mistakes in there sure, but many more not.

Why is this you wonder? I’m guessing that maybe this particular group of clients feel a loyalty discount is in order, that rates are too high, or are just simply more confident about trying it on once they have got some experience of punting. Maybe they are the same group of guys that write ‘she should have been the one paying ME!’ in their escort reviews. Whatever it is, they probably notice that not all girls ask for the money upfront or count what they are given, and no doubt they get away with underpaying sometimes. I hope they don’t ever get away with it with any of my girls, but then not all money problems may be reported to me – it’s embarrassing to admit you got scammed.

I’m not letting new clients of the hook – there are plenty of problem payers (or worse) among the first ever booking group, you only have to read the escort warning boards to see that. The thing with Elite Courtesans though, and many other agencies and indies too, is that we are pretty finely tuned at weeding out these individuals at the telephone stage. New clients will need a deposit by transfer and many will pay in full by bank transfer. Cash problems are very few in between with our agency customers but nevertheless, our ladies are always on full alert.

So ladies, please be vigilant with your money – let’s be honest, it’s the main reason you’re in this game. Whether you’ve seen the guy once or twenty times, get the cash upfront and count it in front of him. Don’t put yourself in a position where you leave with less than you were due, or are accused of removing money from the envelope when you counted it in the bog. And gents, rather than moaning about money checks ruining the ambience of the meeting, put yourself in your companion’s position and remember that not all regular customers are as trustworthy as you. Unfortunately, experience tells us it’s near impossible to differentiate which regulars are trustworthy and which aren’t. You’re all equally charming, you see.

If all clients (and escorts) were honest, the punting world would be a fabulous place. Sadly though, they are not.