This saucy post was written by the amazing Harper.

I have always lived to work and not worked to live – there is a huge difference. Likewise, I have always had a huge sexual appetite and enjoyed sex just as much as a guy. So for those two reasons becoming an escort was a no brainer; I love to work and I love sex: simple.

It is the perfect combination, for one night only we act out a fantasy, a desire, we become a companion, a girlfriend experience or to lower the tone a fuck buddy. A client gets exactly what he desires and we are fulfilled along the way. Every evening different, every date as exciting as the next.

One most memorable date for me was with a Mr N, it was his first time with elite but not his first encounter with an escort in Leeds. My drive to the date was fairly short, it was a warm evening, I took my time and arrived at the beautiful rural hotel a little early, therefore i used the spare few minutes to adjust my hold ups and add a little lipstick. I walked into the hotel, immediately noticing the beautiful chandelier, I’ve always liked sparkly items and then headed over to the lift, as I’m waiting for it to reach my floor i notice in the mirror that my lacy black bra is peeping over my cream silk cami top, I adjust and leave the lift to walk along the long corridor.

The knock on the door is the most exhilarating part of a date; who’s behind the door, its such anticipation, a total rush.

Mr N opens the door and I am immediately welcomed by his huge friendly smile and chatty personality, i feel like we have met before, we haven’t but it feels like it. He has champagne on ice but asks if i would like to have a drink in the bar, so we saunter back along the corridor and into the lowly lit cosy bar. We find a comfy place in the corner and get to know each other, the wine is cold and it is going down a treat. We are a little tipsy which is fun and the flirting begins, the gentle touches and strokes. He whispers into my ear that he wishes to massage me which I’m very happy to hear. He strokes my inner thigh, nobody can see which makes it even more arousing. He looks at me, i know that look, he’s ready to go back to his suite, so we head back up.

Back in the room he pops the cork on the champagne and puts on a little music, I head into the bathroom and as requested emerge in just my underwear and robe. He hands me a glass of champagne and asks me to lay on the white fluffy towel he has laid out on the sumptuous bed. He gently starts to massage my shoulders and back, he’s good, a natural, then he moves onto my lower back and tops of my thighs, his fingers slip under my lace panties and gently brush past my increasingly wet pussy. He turns me over and kisses me through my underwear, he looks up I’m willing him to carry on, he does, he pulls my underwear to the side and licks my clit, his fingers are oily from the massage and he runs his hand up my body over my breasts, he lifts me up pulling off my thong. I wrap my legs around his head as he thrusts his tongue deep inside me. I’m loving it and he’s enjoying making me groan, he tells me its all about my pleasure and that he wants to make me happy. I relax back into the moment and before I know it I am having the best orgasm ever, my legs are shaking and him eating me up even more, I come, and he stops and is smiling, he tells me to relax and passes me my glass of champagne.

He lays down beside me, now its his turn, he’s still half dressed but there is no mistaking his huge hard penis pressing against his smart trousers, i unzip him and he pops straight out, he’s commando. I lick and tease the end of his cock, leaving him wanting more. I pull off his trousers and take him all in my mouth, slowly then faster then slowly again, getting him to the point of coming then stopping, i ask him if he’s ready for me and he says yes, I straddle him but the other way around, reverse cowgirl so he has the view of my juicy ass bouncing up and down on him, i slide in his cock, it feels amazing and i start to ride him, my ass is bouncing and he’s holding onto it, he has a firm grip so can control the speed we are fucking, I am facing a mirror and see my reflection, my breasts bouncing up and down, his cock sliding in and out, he starts to get faster and harder, he’s about to come and he lets out a huge groan and stops me holding me down on his cock, he’s come hard. We both collapse back onto the bed and lay there taking it all in. Its been a wonderful evening, another perfect date.

We finish the evening by sharing a deep filled bath, bubbles overflowing, laughing and sharing stories of naughty encounters but its soon time to leave, i dress and kiss Mr N on the lips, we both agree it was a fun night and hope to cross paths again, another time, another city another life…

For one night only x