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Manchester Escorts


Elite Courtesans is the best escort agency operating in the UK. We represent some fantastic ladies based further North and now at long last cover the city of Manchester and its surroundings. Run by two ladies – Suzy & Lisa – and with over eleven years experience working with only the most lovely and beautiful escorts (we and they really do stand head and shoulders above the rest), you will find our Manchester escort agency the very best choice for you. Don’t believe us? Head over to our twitter page and join the vibrant community of ladies and clients there. You will soon be convinced!

About our Manchester Escorts

The Manchester escorts listed on this page can cover Manchester and its surroundings - view their individual pages for minimum booking times. This includes areas such as Chester and Wilmslow. They can also cover the Peak District and over towards Buxton and Macclesfield, and also down to Stoke-on-Trent. You can book an escort through our Manchester escort agency by calling us on 07728 554 754 between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. The latest booking start time is 9.30pm (inc Sat & Sun). Our escorts do not offer incalls.

If you are looking for escort work in Manchester, please head over to our join us page. We are always looking for new ladies to join our fantastic team.

More About Manchester

Growing up in the 1990s, Manchester has always been on agency owner Suzy’s radar, despite living miles south in Bristol. The first thing to mention is that Suzy has had a mega-crush on Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher since she was 15, and the crush persists to this day. Nothing tops that boy’s swagger! Other notable bands from Manchester that Suzy loves are the Happy Mondays (in fact she’s listening to Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches right now), The Smiths and the Charlatans. Suzy has always thought Joy Division and the Stone Roses are overrated. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

With a population of a staggering 2.55 million in the greater urban area, Manchester is well known for being a city of sport, mainly thanks to their two Premiership football clubs: Manchester City and Manchester United. It was (is) also home to professional boxer Richard John "Ricky" Hatton, who Suzy watched fight Senchenko with ringside seats in 2012. She cried when he got knocked the ground (she was quite pissed).

Nestled between the Pennines in the North and the Cheshire Plain in the South, areas in and around Manchester include Salford, Old Trafford, Stretford, Sale, Stockport, Wythenshawe, Altrincham, Eccles, Hyde and Prestwich. Manchester is situated only 35 miles from Liverpool in the West, and the same from Sheffield in the opposite direction. Location wise it’s great, though we do hear it rains a lot.

Manchester has its own airport, some huge train stations including Manchester Piccadilly, great rail and tram networks, loads of buses and it even has some canals if you’re that way inclined. Manchester is served by the M60 motorway, which loops around the city.

There are some super boutiquey hotels in Manchester and the city is vibrant, multicultural and home to some of the most lovely people on the planet. In 2017, an incredibly cowardly man (a nobody - already forgotten his name) blew himself up in the Manchester Arena murdering many including children. Despite the huge personal losses suffered by the families of those killed, absolutely nothing was achieved by this attack other than bringing the people of Manchester even closer than before. Try as terrorists might, nothing will damage the spirit of this wonderful city.