We are so lucky to attract the most amazing, beautiful clients, who understand the basic principles of human interactions and their success.

The man with common sense will do whatever he can to make sure his investment is worth it.

From her favourite drink and nibbles at the ready to the music and the room temperature. Small gestures that make an absolute difference and show that you care. This effort will give you the best chance of having the most out of your date. We are all humans.

I could write a long list and the above is just a snippet of what gents do with their every date. And we are very grateful for!

Although not expected, for those clients looking to go the extra mile, a little gift can put a huge smile your companion’s face.

Gift Ideas

Chocolates, scented candles, perfume and flowers are always firm favourites.
If gifting lingerie, I strongly recommend you contact the agency to double check the ladies’ sizes (specially Bra and shoe sizes) as these may vary from one brand to another.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you are unsure what to buy.

Let me Help you

Ladies with twitter accounts may display a link to a public wish list. But I often help with suggestions for items beyond existing lists. Just ask!

Most of our escorts, specially without a twitter account, will have a private gift list which I am happy to share on request.

Gift Vouchers

You can purchase your voucher online, from any shop or establishment, and forward to info@elitecourtesans.co.uk. I will forward the voucher to your companion.

I can also *purchase the voucher on your behalf and forward the voucher for you.
Contact me to for advice on your companion’s favourite brands. Could be her favourite clothes or lingerie brand, hotel, restaurant or spa.

Gift Forwarding

I can *purchase a gift on your behalf and post to your companion or hotel, in preparation for your upcoming date or anytime.
I have a discreet forwarding service which can be used should you wish to purchase the gift yourself. You post the gift to me, and I will forward to your companion.

Money donations

Those wishing to make cash donations, can make a deposit to the agency account.
These gift notations are always forwarded to your companion in full and without any charges.
You can forward cash for whatever reason: to cover her parking fine for your last date (not really a gift but there’s an example!) or just because you want to treat her.


If you wish to send flowers to your Elite lady, I will source a local florist to her and help you choose an arrangement to your requirement and budget. I will make the *purchase and arrange the delivery on your behalf.

Anything else? Just ask!
It is always a joy helping you treating the women we all adore the most. It really doesn’t have to be much to make a woman incredibly happy. Whatever your budget, give me a call and Iet me help you.


From Lisa & the Elite Team

*Purchases made on your behalf need to be paid for in advance, by deposit to the agency bank account.