This post was inspired by one of our lovely ladies after a chat last night. So what do you carry to bookings in your ‘escort bag’? Well, if I was off to a booking, as a GFE escort, here is what I would carry each and every time without fail.


Obviously. But not just condoms. I would carry regular (standard) sized condoms, large condoms and small condoms. If you put a regular condom on a well endowed gent, not only is it going to be uncomfortable, it is also far more likely to break. If you put a regular condom on someone smaller, it’s going to fall off. Both scenarios are BAD. Always, always carry condoms in each size and plenty of them too. I recommend the NHS Freedoms Shop for buying condoms in bulk. Condom-safe lubricant is another good thing to carry, and also sold via the link above. Dry condoms = broken condoms.

Beppy Tampons

It’s a fact of life ladies, we can’t escape it, and a period arriving at an inopportune moment is a nightmare. Even a hardened old witch like me would find the prospect of bleeding all over my date a bit cringe. Always have a Beppy Tampon (wet) or two in your bag whether you are due on soon or not. Amazon sell them I believe and the manufacturer’s website is:

Checking your money

With the old paper notes, one could purchase a fake note detector pen. With the introduction of the new Polymer notes, counterfeiting became less occurrent. However, you should still check your notes – every time.

Learn how to check your money by reading the fabulous guidelines from the Bank of England

I highly recommend you buy portable UV lights online, making sure it emits UV light at a peak wavelength of 365nm as recommended by the Bank Of England.


Always carry a few sets including a suspender belt and stockings. Proper stockings are the number one request from clients, so always have them available. Carry nude and black stockings, as some guys have a preference. I used to arrive in hold ups (have you ever tried to drive in stockings and suspenders?) and would slip into stockings in the bathroom.

Change (Money)

Most hotel car parks and public car parks charge. Many have those bastard Parking Eye cameras in now too. Always carry plenty of change so you can park quickly and easily. Same for on-street parking meters. Always research your parking options before you leave home, don’t try and work it out when you arrive. Call the hotel if needs be as clients, especially those that don’t drive themselves, are not always reliable with their advice.

Sex Toys

My advice would be to only carry them with you if you are comfortable and enjoy using them. Let’s not forget that men don’t have vaginas and most of them don’t understand how sensitive these areas of our anatomy can be. If you do take say a dildo or vibrator along, allow the guy to use it on you WITH CAUTION. If in doubt, or his technique seems a bit shit all round, don’t let it leave your hands. Or simply don’t take it out of your bag. You are in charge here.


Crucial, obviously. But I mention it to remind you to make sure it is pin locked (or fingerprint / face recognition for the newer models) so prying eyes can’t access it. I don’t know if pay as you go phones are a thing any more, but if they are make sure the credit is always topped up.

Have more than one phone charger, to include one in your car.

Your Car

OK, this isn’t going in your bag. But a note about your car if I may? You MUST have breakdown cover. You are going to be doing a lot of miles, keep your car well serviced and safe. Check tyre pressures, tread depths, brake pads, washer fluid and oil levels etc – it’s not difficult to do. And please please please, buy these and secure them in several places in your car. I might sound mental, but having witnessed an accident where the person couldn’t free themselves, a device like this would have been a life saver.

And some final advice

Do not leave your escorting bag – with your fee inside – somewhere where your client or someone else can access it without you noticing. There’s no point doing your due diligence at the start in regards to the fee, only to find it gets stolen back out of your bag when you go to the bathroom later on. Similarly, if you are carrying ID with your real identity/address in your bag, you need to keep this away from prying eyes.

Stay safe, ladies!