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Heathrow Escorts


Airports don’t get much bigger than Heathrow! It wasn’t so long ago that the area was all fields and trees. Now we’re gradually bulldozing the whole of the South East and turning it into runways and terminal buildings to cope with the demand. With so many people passing through every day, Heathrow and its surrounding airport hotels is, unsurprisingly, one of our busiest areas. So what’s a business man like you to do on those lonely nights away from home, while you wait for your early morning flight? The high class Heathrow escorts from our Heathrow escort agency will certainly help you pass the time!

About our Heathrow Escorts

Experts in pre-flight relaxation techniques, our Heathrow escorts will travel to your hotel, prepare you for the onwards journey and then tuck you in. As well as Heathrow, our ladies can travel to surrounding areas such as Slough, Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead. We even have several air hostess / stewardess escorts on our books, if you are that way inclined. We know most men have fantasised about bonking one of them!

Our high class Heathrow escort agency has been serving the Heathrow area for outcalls since 2007 and we are proud to work with some of the best companions in the industry. Run by two ladies - Suzanne Murphy and Lisa Smith - Elite Courtesans has many happy returning clients and we really hope you will be one of them. Please give us a call when you are next in the Heathrow Airport area: our lines are open between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. The latest booking start time is 9.30pm and you can book for weeekends as well, you just need to do it in advance.

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More About Heathrow Airport

As far as airports go, Heathrow Airport is GREAT. For many of us Brits, it's the main gateway to exotic, far-flung places. Though many airports in the UK have expanded their flight routes in recent years, none come close to Heathrow, both in size and variety. You can literally fly anywhere your heart desires from Heathrow Airport, not to mention max out your credit card while you wait. Suzy, one of the owners here at Elite, helped an Arab gentleman choose £75,000 worth of jewellery for his wife last time she was waiting to catch a flight from Terminal 5 (they hit it off while Suzy was perving at watches in the Rolex shop - standard).

So yeah, Heathrow is big, busy and brill. Not only is it the busiest airport in the UK, it's also the busiest airport in Europe and the third busiest airport in the world! In 2014, nearly 74 million passengers passed through its doors and the airport is one of six to serve the London area including with Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Southend and London City.

Heathrow is not recognisable to the small airfield that was built back in 1929, which to be fair was probably quite shit like most things back then. On the contrary, Heathrow nowadays has 4 operating terminals (terminal 1 has closed) and covers 12.14 square kilometres with more development in the pipeline. Heathrow is the hub for Suzy and Lisa's favourite airline, British Airways, but also houses Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Quantas, Delta, Malaysian Airlines (*eyebrow raise*) and many many more.

Fascinatingly, Heathrow Airport was the scene of the biggest gold heist in British history back in 1983, when a gang of robbers from South London broke into a Heathrow warehouse expecting to make off with £3 million in cash. When the robbers got to the loot, they soon discovered that rather than having to load bags of £50 notes into their van - something that should have taken minutes - they would have to load 6,800 gold bars worth £26 million instead. As you can imagine this proved a logistical nightmare, took several hours, and though they did eventually escape with it all (after recruiting a forklift truck and ringing around their mates for more vans), the fallout of holding and not knowing what to do with so much gold meant most of the gang were caught and imprisoned, while others were bumped off by rival gang members. You can read more in this book, which Suzy highly recommends and should keep you amused during your flight: