This post was written by the very beautiful Yasmin.

It’s mid-morning, I’ve just finished training my third client of the day at the gym and my phone summons my attention with it’s familiar tone. Can you make it into London this evening for 8pm? Short and sweet. My mouth forms into a knowing smile. I answer with an immediate; ‘YES!’. In an instant my day just got a lot more exciting. There a few more clients to train in the afternoon but the distraction of the evening’s antics keep piercing my mind. I’m willing the hours to pass until it’s time to get ready. Once home, I do my pre-date administration of checking the venue location, decide which train I’ll take, plan something to eat before I leave, and work out what time I need to leave home so that I’m not late for my clandestine date.

The hours thankfully pass and it’s time to preen and pamper for my date.  The act of getting ready is not a chore, it’s a delight. I pour myself a glass of chilled champagne and put on some music then slowly flick through the array of dresses hanging in my wardrobe. I feel like wearing red tonight… bold, confident and sensual.  What lingerie to wear? Instinctively my hands pluck the beautiful designed gold bra, panties and suspenders off my shelf.

As I shower I imagine that my mystery date will be caressing this very body very soon.  It’s been a few nights since I’ve been ‘out’ so just the thought of it brings another smile, this time more naughty.  I want to be touched and teased. I want him to do things that make me gasp and my fists clench. And of course when it’s time I want to pleasure him until I hear uncontrollable murmurs escaping his lips. Thank goodness no one can read my mind.

Feeling fresh I drape myself in my robe and head to hair and makeup to get ready all whilst sipping champagne and singing badly to my music.  Makeup, hair, jewellery, perfume all done. Once I’m ready I take one last look in the mirror… I hope he likes what he sees and I hope he likes me.  Time will soon tell.

As my train glides out of the station my stomach flutters, not with nerves but excitement.  Wearing stockings and suspenders always makes me feel sexy and the anticipation of the evening is building intensely.  A guy looks at me on the train with that kind of smile, I look away. Sorry, there’s only one man for me tonight and that’s Mr T.  

I arrive at the hotel and saunter in as if I own the place.  People glance my way and the professional staff smile. I’m titillated by the fact no one knows what I’m doing here, I feel like I’m on a sexy top secret mission. I subtly locate the lifts and select the button for the top floor.  I strut down the corridor, by now I’m so ready and willing to play. I softly knock the door… It opens, he smiles a genuine bright smile and so do I.

And so our tantalising evening begins….

Yasmin xx

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