We only work with advance bookings and we are happy to arrange your date with up to 4 weeks’ notice, sometimes more. A deposit may be requested.

if you wish to call with a day’s notice, or less, we will happily assist but I cannot promise you we will have anyone available.

Forward planning pays off and our ladies are totally worth the effort.

All bookings are to be made by telephone. We don’t accept bookings or enquiries by email.



Many of our escorts are bisexual and will enjoy being booked for duo dates with other agency escorts.

We can also cater for couples looking to invite one of our companions into their intimate moments.

If you are a couple looking to make a booking, we need the female to contact us to make all arrangements.

If you are booking as a couple, please add an extra £150 to the booking fee.

Note we cannot arrange surprise bookings.

If everyone knows what to expect, the date can be fully enjoyed by all parties.

Many of our customers enjoy the company of more than one escort, at one given time.

If you book one, two or three ladies (or more) – the price will be the same for each individual escort.

We are unable to organise bookings with escorts which are not part of Elite Courtesans.  




Payment is required at the start of the booking.

If you wish to extend your date, please make sure payment is settled in cash at the start of the extended period.

Food & Refreshments

Always have water and soft drinks available for your companion. Our ladies mostly drive to bookings, so they won’t be drinking alcohol.

If your booking is of 4 hours or more in duration, we will expect you to have provision for food.


We do ask that, where possible, you book a hotel with on-site car parking. If space reservation is needed, please make the appropriate arrangements on behalf of your companion.

Where our lady has to park off-site and away from the hotel, we do require you to walk her back to her car at the end of the date


Elite Courtesans is a GFE experience agency and it is up to each individual escort what services they may offer, depending on what they enjoy the most.

We are open minded and accommodating escorts – you can make lingerie requests and discuss any fantasies you may have.

However, we have zero tolerance to requests for services which are expressly not provided.

This includes requests for unprotected sex and repeat requests for ladies personal information.

if you ask for unprotected sex, you will be blacklisted. If you remove the condom and attempt penetration without one, you will be reported to the police for sexual assault.

Overnight bookings

Your companion will not be up all night and will require at least 5 uninterrupted hours sleep. Overnight dates must include dinner and breakfast.


Your escort will arrive freshly showered and smelling wonderful. We expect the same from our clients.

Drugs & Alcohol

We have zero tolerance to drug use and alcohol abuse.


We understand sometimes one needs to cancel, problems can happen on both sides of the bed.

If you cancel :

  • You must pay a deposit for your next booking.
  • You may be requested to pay a cancellation fee
  • If you paid a deposit, we will do our best to forward it to a near future booking.
  • We may retain your deposit depending on the lateness of your cancellation and any costs incurred by the lady in preparing for your date.


The Elite client

Your age is irrelevant, as long as you are an adult. You can be skinny or plump, tall or short – no one will judge your appearance. You can be black, white or purple. Your race, background or wealth are not selective factors.

You may choose to book as little or as often as your time or budget will permit. We treasure all of our gents the same.

But the 3 qualities one *must* have to be accepted as a client are hygiene, respect and kindness.

We don’t care if you don’t look like Daniel Craig as long as you are clean, respectful and kind.

By clean we mean being freshly showered, having your teeth clean, nails and toes trimmed, facial and pubic hair taken care of and freshly laundered clothes.

We want you smelling as gorgeous as your escort.

The same applies to your home. We will visit your palace or humble abode, as long as It is clean. We urge special attention to the boudoir.

Our escorts have no requirement for high thread count finest cotton linen but we need your sheers to look and smell clean.

If you are not a soap dodger and would like to find out more about booking our beautiful ladies, head to our contact page.