The post below was written by the fabulous Bella

I get asked by almost every date I have with Elite, “Why did you decide to become an Escort?”, and it is really quite simple. I have always been a very sexual person; I love the flirty glances across a bar, I love the simple, teasing touches and meaningful looks, the darkening of someone’s eyes as they get more and more turned on, and of course learning someone’s body, inch by slow inch.

The opportunity to work as an escort, and meet fantastic new people to share my sexual experiences with? Errm yes please! I also adore to please, helping someone fulfil their own fantasies, perhaps ones they didn’t know they had until I introduced the idea! It really is rewarding to me in so many different ways.

An example of what I can help introduce to my wonderful dates… I can immediately think of a couple of naughty nights in! I had a date with a gorgeous gent who gave me some of the best sex of my life, starting with a deep tender kiss, and then passionately stripping each-other down before teasing every inch of each-other with both touch and taste. After exhausting each-other physically (maybe another blog…), we started talking, and he mentioned that he had always wished he could have a threesome with 2 beautiful women, he had never had the opportunity before. Of course I was more than happy to tell him that this was the perfect chance to fulfil that wish! His face when I said this was possible was just priceless in the best possible way – talk about being happy, and that is the ultimate goal for me with any date!

A different occasion I was on a lovely date with a gent who had only ever had ‘vanilla’ sex (sex which doesn’t involve elements of kink or BDSM as example), and was interested in trying something new without fear of being judged. After talking through what he was curious to try, I was more than happy to slowly tie him up, gently put a blindfold over his gorgeous blue eyes, and slowly introduce him to the pleasures of first a tickler, then vibrations, light flogging and spanking, and the deep throaty moans of pleasure that he was making turned me on just as much as him doing anything to me! After a while of being teased and gently tortured, I slowly lifted the blindfold off of his face, just so he could see the sight of me slowly lowering myself onto his big, hard cock. I slowly rode us both to ecstasy and he told me that he had experienced one of the biggest orgasms of his life. His face lit up even more so afterwards at the sight of his rosy red bum in the mirror, and he said he loved that he would still be able to feel me for days…

Being an escort is something which some people view as dirty and for women who can’t do anything else. The truth couldn’t be further from this! Being an escort is about being able to give someone an amazing experience, fantastic company, and a breath of fresh air from the dull, normal world we can live in.

My advice – make a booking with one of the stunning and sexy Elite companions, and watch your fantasies come to life!