The blog below was written by one of our wonderful clients, inspired by a meeting with the lovely Camille.

Early this year I was fortunate enough to discover Elite Courtesans. This chance find literally changed my life, enriching it with the company of some truly wonderful girls. To illustrate this I’d like to share an account of an evening spent with one of our Angels: Camille.

The crunch of tyres on the drive announced Camille’s arrival. For most of that day I’d been a basket case, the mounting anticipation ruling out any chance of meaningful work. But now, finally my wait was over. Camille was stunning. She wore a colourful floral-pattern summer dress and red heels. Her slim elegant figure was topped by a head of brunette hair and a radiant smile. I knew immediately I was going to get on very well with this girl.

Once inside we dealt with the pleasantries quickly and were soon heading upstairs. Camille walked ahead flashing tantalising glimpses of her white cotton panties as we ascended the steps. Indicating she’d like to freshen up I showed her to the bathroom, and stepped into the adjacent bedroom to wait.

Not quite knowing what to do with myself I just sat on the edge of the 4-poster bed. A few minutes later Camille reappeared framing the doorway and sporting a gloriously naughty smile. I stood up, but she motioned me to sit down again. While freshening up Camille had unzipped the back of her dress which now hung loose over her shoulders. With a little shrug the material lost its grip, slipped down her slender body and fell to the floor. What emerged caught my breath. Camille’s simple white cotton bra and matching panties contrast wonderfully with her tanned skin. In fact she looked so hot I just sat open mouthed, like a silly love-struck school boy.

My stunned reaction evidently pleased her. Sweeping her hands across her curving form Camille unclasped her bra, holding the loose garment against her breasts for a few seconds, before letting it fall, joining her dress on the floor. Slowly dropping her arm she  revealed firm pert breasts topped by dark brown nipples. My cock reacted accordingly straining against my underwear.

Dressed now only in panties and high heels Camille stepped her feet apart exposing an exquisite gap between her upper thighs. The thin white cotton of her panties seemed to follow every fold of her pussy, leaving very little to my imagination. But more wonders were to come. Camille now moved her hands up cradling her soft breasts, squeezing as she did her hardening nipples. With each gentle pressure her eyes closed slightly and her mouth let out a gentle groan. The sensations growing in her breasts also caused Camille’s tummy muscles to tightened making her body pitch slightly towards me.

With her left had still working her nipples she lowered her right hand over her belly finding the seam of her panties. Pushing at the white material her fingers slipped inside, reaching out for the warm flesh of her freshly shaven pussy.

With slow rhythmic strokes Camille began caressing the outer lips of her cunt, dipping in and out of the moistening cleft with each pass. Her eyes closed as she began to experience the early stages of a building orgasm. Between her legs I could clearly see a dark wet patch growing on the thin white fabric. This girl was not simply putting on an expert show for a client, she was really bringing herself off. Jesus, what a turn on!

As if shaken from a dream I realised it was time for me to get my butt in gear. This wonderful girl was about to cum right in front of me and I hadn’t yet laid a finger on her!

It appeared that Camille could read my mind. Stepping forward she grasped my right hand, selected two fingers, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and thrust them up, into her cunt, using me like a dildo. My God I thought, how much hotter can this girl get? Placing the palm of my left hand against Camille’s pubic mound I curled my fingers forward against her g-spot on the inner wall of her vagina and began to softly stroke its rough surface.

This felt so good for both of us, but I had other plans. Withdrawing my fingers I stood up. Camille immediately opened her eyes and, looking up at me, she pouted playfully in mock disappointment. Two can play at tease I thought. So, rather than going straight for her breasts I swept my hands over her nipples and down the small of her back. Pushing inside the elastic waist of her panties my hands glided over her buttocks, firmly grabbing her arse and pulling her pelvis against mine. Our open mouths met, tonguing each other hungrily, drinking in our mounting mutual passion.

Swiftly and methodically Camille removed my clothes, expertly dealing with my shirt and dropped my trousers to the ground within a matter of seconds. Her hands glided down my back and under the waste band of my pants. Hooking her thumbs over the elastic she drew them over my arse and down my thighs, sinking to her knees in as she did so.

I felt her tongue gently nudge the small open slit at the tip of my cock as her right hand grasped it’s shaft, slowly drawing back my foreskin, revealing it’s swollen pink head. She then took the end of my penis into her mouth and began sucking, while wanking my shaft with her right hand and tenderly squeezing my testicles with her left. I could feel an orgasm welling up. The erectile tissue around my balls contracted and stiffened in preparation for ejaculation. Camille, recognising the point of no return was approaching, stopped abruptly, removing my cock from her mouth and deftly applied a condom. Then standing on her tip toes, she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and slammed her mouth onto mine, sinking her tongue deep inside.

Having been so expertly blown it took a few moments for my wits to return. We were standing just inches apart and still kissing with hungry passion. Camille’s swollen nipples were gently grazing my chest, sending thrills through my body, while the soft flesh of her lower abdomen pressed against my throbbing cock. I really couldn’t remember ever being so turned on.

Events now picked up pace. Disengaging from Camille’s grasp I stepped behind her and grabbed her shoulders. Then bending her forward at the waist I force her upper body over the bed. Sinking to my knees I grabbed the waist band of the panties, pulled them over the cheeks of her arse and dropped them to the floor. Now totally naked I spread Camille’s legs wide apart forcing her buttocks to separate, revealing, just inches from my face, the glorious pucker of her anus, her moist pussy slit and the swollen pink pearl of her clit. I leaned forward, put my lips against her cunt, and tenderly kissed her womanhood. Then  dipping my tongue deep inside her pussy, the musky smell of her sex filling my nostrils, I ate her cunt. Camille moaned softly.

Inserting two fingers into her cleft I quickly relocating the rough surface of her g-spot and, with steady downward pressure, again began drawing my fingers in and out of her quimm. Judging by her quickening breaths I was evidently hitting the spot (so to speak). Licking deep into her vagina I lapped her juices up and over sensitive skin of her perineum, drenching her puckered anus. Camille began to squirm with pleasure as the tip of my tongue caressed and probed her rectal opening. Yet despite her obvious distraction Camille now appeared to be rummaging in her bag.

The reason was soon apparent as a stubby black butt plug and a tube of gel appeared between her legs. I needed no further prompting. In my limited my experience of anal play you can never have too much lube. So, squirting a generous quantity over Camille’s rectum, I began gently working it into her back passage with my finger. The butt plug also lubbed, I offered it up to her puckered flesh and slow but firmly eased it inside. As it reached full depth Camille’s rectal muscle clenched around the plug’s waste, holding it firmly in place, causing her body shudder slightly beneath me. Her dilated hole was now completely hidden from view behind the plug’s sparkling base plate.

Still wearing her heels Camille’s pussy was now perfectly positioned for entry. Lining up the tip of my cock, I parted the lips of her vagina and rubbed its swollen head over her clit. Then, pulling her hips towards me, I sank into her yielding flesh. As I push deeper inside I could feel the heat of her body enfold my member, accompanied by the less familiar firmness of her butt plug in the adjacent passage. As a guy I really cannot imagine what this double penetration felt like to Camille, but judging by her growing moans it appeared to be floating her boat. From this angle I was able to push so far inside that the tip of my cock nudged against Camille’s uterus causing her to let out a muted cry.

Lowering my chest onto her back, I reach down and grabbed her breasts, immediately feeling Camille’s rock hard nipples pressing against the my palms. Locked together I now pulled her head and shoulders upwards arching both our backs. I could now feel Camille’s right arm begin to shake as her hand urgently fingered her clit while my cock repeated violated her from behind. With alternating deep penetrations followed by quick shallow forays, my penis teased the lips of her pussy causing Camille’s body to convulse with each thrust. She was evidently beginning to loose it, letting out short breathless gasps which soon became insistent exclamations of “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me!, …….. Harder!”

Spurred on by her verbal encouragement I thrust ever deeper into Camille’s body until, crying out, as if in pain, her body bucked and stiffened as a massive orgasm engulfed her entire being. No longer able to hold back I also climaxed, shooting a pulsing stream of semen deep inside her. My ejaculation seemed to just kept pumping, releasing days of building tension in a short but explosive burst. I prayed the condom would hold!

But all good things must end. Finally our orgasms subsided. Spent, we fell forward onto the bed, bodies entangled, limbs intertwined. Recovering I gently withdrew my penis, rolled on my side, carefully released the butt plug from Camille’s anus, and watched in wonder as her rectum slowly closed and pucker up. Rolling her onto her back, I tenderly spread Camille’s thighs, lowered my face over her belly and thanked her by lightly kissing her still swollen pussy and drinking in the nectar of her cum. Raising my face the hers our mouths met, sharing the bounty I’d harvested from her womanhood.

An orgasm is surely one of nature’s greatest gifts, a true natural high. For me, to witness and share Camille’s most vulnerable and ecstatic moments was a true privilege. In this short moment we were truly lovers lying naked together. I just gazed at her body for some time watching her breasts slowly rise and fall as her breathing return to normal. My hand caressed her tummy and explored the smooth folds of flesh between her thighs, still wet with her recent passion. I look down at her, she smiled and whispered, “missionary or cowgirl?” Clearly Camille was not done with me yet!

Evidently Camille’s pussy required less recovery time than my cock, so I suggested “cunnilingus?” A naughty “Ooo goodie” smile appeared on her face as she shifted back on the bed. Propping herself up on a pile of pillows Camille found a position that would give her a ring-side view of what I was about to do to her. She then brought the soles of her feet together and dropped her knees sideways onto the bed. To my delight, as her thighs separated, Camille’s labial lips peeled open causing her pussy to bloom like a budding flower, revealing to my gaze its most intimate secrets. This demanded my immediate and undivided attention.

Well, I thought, once more into the breach!

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