Hey, my name is Robert, this week I enjoyed the services of Elite Courtesans and wanted to write a few lines about my experience.

I was quite surprised how evocative the experience was, that is why I am writing this, I have had a rather varied and undulating sex life since going into recovery and getting divorced some 7 years ago, please bear with me as this is very relevant.

The point of this piece isn’t about recovery, what emerged from that process was a very different man, one that rapidly became a company owning single father of three boys, a responsible man, one with other priorities, I found it hard to have a social or sex life and there was little time for enjoyment, I missed that and I missed sex. I headed towards a more karmic and spiritual path.

I travel a lot with work and was in Birmingham a week ago, alone in my hotel I went to Google to look for an escort, the sites looked cheap, the photos unconvincing but the rates were good, after finding and booking a girl, she arrived an hour and a half late, it wasn’t who or what I had hoped for, too impersonal, too rushed. Not a reflection on the lady herself who no doubt has many life pressures, but a reflection on the agency management.

Due in Liverpool later in the week I felt frustrated and needing something different. I changed my search criteria to Courtesan, (conjuring an arousing image of a classy and sexy companion, who would satisfy my desires) Elite came straight up and looking at the available women felt immediately optimistic.

On my spiritual path I found my way into the world of mindfulness, self-awareness and self-liberation, I went on tantra and mens workshops, I learned a lot, it all taught me to embrace sex and changed my approach with women. When I read the before you book section, I liked what I read; it suggested a level of professionalism based on mutual respect which appealed to me very much.

The booking process was simple, the night soon arrived with me feeling first time nerves. My phone rang, I had arranged to meet the amazing Kate outside the hotel, I felt I wanted to have a drink in the bar first, tea of course. Kate was simply effervescent, I saw stockings and asked to move upstairs.

What followed I can only describe as pure sexual chemistry, I felt her energy at once, it was truly a wonderful and enjoyable experience and once again, I got exactly what I paid for.