Yes we have changed our rates (again) however, we have also raised both our standards and the quality of the ladies we represent as an agency.

Since Brexit and Covid, overall costs have increased exponentially and in order to keep bringing you the very best escorts, we need to be a little more competitive from their point of view.

As you know the ladies spend a small fortune on the finest lingerie, treat you like a king, travel long distances often late into the night and still find time to hold down their daytime careers. They pay agency commission, their tax to the HMRC, shed loads of fuel VAT to the Chancellor and we want to make sure they are left with a decent amount at the end of each month.

So from now, our charging structure is advertised on the website and on each of the ladies’ pages. As you can see, it’s a modest increase but one that will make a huge difference to them.

There is absolutely no chance any customer will remain on old rates so please, don’t ruin your date by trying to discuss this during a booking.

Anyone asking for a discount will automatically find their fee doubled, forever!

Lots of Love

From Lisa and the girls x