I’ve been meaning to write this FOREVER, really to highlight the incredible variety aof ladies that enter sex work.

I’m sick of reading on elsewhere how sex workers are all council flat dwelling single-mums, abused, vulberable individuals that are in dire need of rescuing. I also hate to read how women must be ‘desperate’ to enter sex work. It’s just not the reality for many women working in the UK, who see escorting as a great way to earn a fabulous wage.

The information below is from data held in my own head of every girl that has ever been represented by Elite Courtesans since 2006. This fails to take into account the many applicants I have turned away over the years. As I didn’t interview those girls, it’s hard to know what information on their application was genuine.

What motivates women to become sex workers?

Same as the motivation for pretty much all employment: money.

Companionship, travel and kink are all secondary in comparison to the money. Some ladies have accumulated debt they need to clear, some want a deposit for a house or to clear their mortgage, some want to put their children through private school, some want money to travel the world or to fund their new business and some just need to make ends meet. When the money motivator disappears, so does the lady.

What’s the typical age of a sex worker?

There isn’t one. Outside our agency, there are women working at 18 and there are women working in their 60s. It’s worth noting that we haven’t represented ladies under 21 since 2009, and that at the start of my agency I didn’t tend to represent ladies over 35. A big mistake on my part, since ladies 35+ have turned out to be the best and most popular. At this point in time if a hot 45 year applied and I liked her, she’d get the job just as easily as a 25 year old. And she’d command the same rates.

Are all sex workers unemployed and broke?

If they’re sex workers they can’t be unemployed, because sex work is a job. Generally though, it is a secondary job, or at least it is for over 80% of the women I have represented. Here are the top primary occupations of the women that have worked via Elite, in no particular order:

Office Work
Business owner
Airline Crew
Armed Forces

When I remembered the ladies that we have represented, I was struck with just how varied their primary occupations were. Not included in the above list is a, children’s entertainer, horse riding instructor, pastry chef, a legal executive, a paramedic, an estate agent, a lady that ran a cleaning business, a social worker and a journalist.

Do sex workers need to look a certain way?

Nope. Though obviously it helps to be well groomed and slimmer girls will find it easier than bigger girls to make money. White girls tend to be more popular than black girls, blondes more so than brunettes, and in the UK having English as a first language is a big bonus. While busty women are most popular, boob size isn’t quite as important as you’d think it might be, and as i’ve already mentioned above, neither is age. Irregardless, I have looked into boobage anyway!

Of all the ladies that worked as part of Elite Courtesans, circa 40% had an enhanced bust. The most common bust size overall is a C cup, quickly followed by D cup bust. Bust size however has varied from A cup to a whopping FF!

Are all sex workers single?

Many escorts are married women and women with long-term partners – a large percentage overall. Very rarely does the woman try and hide their work from their partner, so the vast majority work with their partner’s blessing.

Of course, no escort in her right mind should tell you her marital status or turn up wearing her wedding ring. I’ve lost count of the amount of clients that have told me during bookings that they wouldn’t want to meet a girl who was attached in the real world. You can come up with the reasons for that yourself.

A gross misunderstanding surrounding sex workers seems to be the assumption that they MUST be single, because who would want them? As a sex worker, and knowing many sex workers, I can tell you finding men who accept your job is not an issue.


So there you have it – the facts. It seems apt to post this blog around International Women’s Day, because generally, the women I meet in the sex industry are some of the most amazing women I encounter in life, full stop. It takes a big pair of bollocks to make the jump into sex work, and it takes hard work and determination to be a real success. I know women who have made hundreds of thousands of pounds being smart in an industry that threatens shame, alienation and even criminalisation if their true profession were to come out. Sex workers are by and large entrepreneurs, not desperados.

I couldn’t be a doctor and tell a person they are dying of cancer. I couldn’t be a firewoman to rescue a child from a car wreck and tell their parents their son is dead. But as an escort, I could relate to someone totally strange to me and make them feel like a million dollars, whether they look my Grandad or Brad Pitt.

If you’re the sort of woman who scoffs that you’d rather scrub toilets than become a prostitute, my view is this: more fool you!