I’ve woken up this morning to find our Twitter account has been suspended. No idea why as yet, but I have emailed support to find out what’s going on.

We’ve been tweeting for 8 years and, as far as I can work out, we haven’t violated any Twitter rules so hopefully this will be short lived suspension.

Meanwhile, I will be tweeting from my personal twitter @BigSuzyM with agency updates…unless of course they kill that one too.

So this is just  heads up – I know a lot of you follow the agency on Twitter.

If you are rightly outraged by this injustice, feel free to protest outside Twitter HQ (or whatever).

Suzy x

UPDATE 21/12:

It’s back! Thank you Twitter.

Some snivelling cock-womble must have complained about our profile picture (the three arses of Taylor, Jessica and Daniella).


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