Hello chaps. Not sure what to call this post really so I think i’ll go with a polite notice.

As you are aware, Elite Courtesans has been operating for just shy of a decade now, and in that time we have never raised our rates, despite constantly raising both our standards and the quality of the ladies we represent.

Lisa and I are confident that we run one of the best agencies in the UK, both inside and outside of London, and we feel that in order to keep bringing you the very best escorts we need to be a little more competitive from their point of view.

As you know the ladies spend a small fortune on the finest lingerie, treat you like a king for the 2/3/4/12 hours you book them, travel long distances often late into the night and still find time to hold down wonderful daytime careers. They pay their commission to us (which is very reasonable I should add), their tax to the HMRC, shed loads of fuel VAT to the Chancellor and we want to make sure they are left with a decent amount in their pocket at the end of each month. After all, we don’t want them running off to agencies that charge you six million pounds per hour.

So from 1st September 2016, our charging structure will be as follows. As you can see, it’s a modest increase but one that will make a big difference to the girls over each month:

2 hours – £400
3 hours – £550
4 hours – £700
5 hours – £850
Overnight (12 hours) – £1300

Bookings with couples (as in kinky husbands and wives) will still attract an additional £50 fee on top of the above.

Duo, trio etc bookings, will still be two times, three times and above rates and so on.

Payments are still to be made in cash to the girls at the start of each booking. And Lisa and I will be reminding everyone of the rate increase for bookings made from 1st September onwards.

Any questions? Please ask. Any comments? Please let me know.

Suzy x

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