….or so the adage says. Anyone who reads the Elite Courtesans Twitter feed will notice us ranting every now and then about escort agencies that appear from nowhere having nicked either our website copy, or our images. It happens to us a lot. Flattery? Nah – more like a pain in the ass.

Sometimes this theft is totally random, other times it’s down to a crap webmaster who has been told ‘I want something similar to elitecourtesans.co.uk’ and nicks it all word for word. More frequently than not though, a bit of digging reveals the thief is known to us. By which I mean girls who have worked for us briefly (and it not worked out) or girls who have been refused/failed an interview.

I get it – it must grate when you are rejected. And even though we are always complimentary and positive when turning people down, the rejection must be shit. But I have to say that ladies, you are entering an industry where pretty much every part of your being is going to be critiqued. From your looks, to your personality, your dress sense, your age and your prowess between the sheets. You need a thick skin. Correction. You need a VERY thick skin. Otherwise you will be suicidal the first time you read a punter calling you fat, old, a shit fuck, or whatever online. Even the best girls aren’t universally liked!

I have yet to see any of the new agencies who stole our content make it into a success. They usually fizzle out within a few months. Which brings me on to my next point.

I suspect that Lisa and I make running Elite Courtesans seem easy to some, money for old rope. Well, it isn’t. Anyone who thinks that running an escort agency means reaping rewards with little work or capital is a moron. If  these are your thoughts, forget it, don’t bother – you WILL fail. The Dragons will be laughing you out of the Den.

To clarify, your initial outlay will be thousands and your monthly expenditure will be thousands. You will need an excellent webmaster and SEO. You will need an accountant. You will need a business plan and an understanding bank manager. You will need to pay your tax and VAT. You will need to accept that your livelihood and possessions could be whipped out from under you at any moment by the Old Bill. You will need a solicitor. You will need to be intelligent and bloody hardworking. You will need to genuinely care about the people who work for you – they always come before your bottom line. You need to understand the sex industry.

Building up your escort agency will take as much time and effort as any other business. It probably took us 2 years of hard graft to really get into the swing of things.

If you are serious, then please take some pride in your work. Nicking content will cause you a big headache when your website is taken down. Populate your gallery with girls from stock photography websites and people will notice (nods towards Birmingham). Some punters are easily manipulated, but many aren’t. They research the girls they are going to see thoroughly. They meet on forums and discuss their experiences. If you are taking the piss, you will get found out. Yeah you’ll make some cash short-term, but it won’t last.

I like to have a good working relationship with other escort agencies. The sharing of information – bad clients and bad girls – makes the whole industry so much safer. If you are going to set up an escort agency and feel you have what it takes then great, good luck. But don’t be a lazy thieving cunt. That way, we don’t get off on the wrong foot, do we?

4 thoughts on “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

  1. elrond says:

    Please let me know about escorts and escort agencies who are stealing your content. I will remove their listings from my escort directory if they are there. I occasionally am informed of stolen pictures and stolen content. An independent only this month had pointed out stolen words used by an escort. The thief had her site closed by the host within hours. I gave the escort the opportunity to change her text, but she never bothered to respond. That attitude tells me much in my view. The particular author of the text has had her text stolen many times, once even by a male escort.

    The free escort sites can be a great problem. The temptation to cut and past is far to high.

    I am interested in the Birmingham reference, please let me know offline.

  2. James says:

    I’m a web designer who occasionally dabbles in the intruiging world of escort web design… and I was once asked to ‘steal what you can’ from elitecourtizans site. I chose not to, as I have an imagination and a brain and am well aware of the implications (especially as you use still use tables instead of ul’s and div’s- geeky joke, sorry). I think they’ve done rather well out of me with my design and SEO skills, which I kind of morally dubious about, since they are nowhere near as sincere, classy or wholesome as you (judging by this blog anyway, which could be just one big lie of course).

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