Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen me ranting about Sugar Daddy websites recently. After years of interviewing girls who had first tried and failed to make any money from Sugar Daddy websites, I thought I would give it a try.

I went into this experiment with an open mind. I pushed all the stories of girls being manipulated into having ‘free’ sex with men who claimed to be wealthy to the back of my mind. I even brushed aside the supremely naive 22 year year old girl who had sobbed to me over lunch that she had felt violated after meeting a 50 something Sugar Daddy, being pressurised into degrading sex and walking away with nothing but a free lunch and a bottle of perfume.

She was young and stupid and I am not. I figured, if anyone can make it work on one of these sites, it has to be me with my vast experience of ‘managing’ men seeking sex in exchange for money, right?


The very first thing that became apparent to me after signing up as a fully paid member to several of these websites is that vast majority of men there are simply not prepared to pay for sex at all. Sure, they want sex. That’s the reason they are there. And they want it with women much younger and much more beautiful than themselves. But they ain’t paying. So how do they get this free sex with women so obviously out of their reach? They pretend to be wealthy, they offer dinners and stays in nice hotels, they offer to spoil you with gifts. All entirely useless of course. None of these things will pay your bills.

Now anyone who has been involved in the escort industry either as a worker or a client knows this: it is, by and large, an honest transaction. Often, like the ‘Sugar Daddies’, escort clients (punters) are seeking sex with younger, beautiful women. Like Sugar Daddies, punters realise they need to pay for it. However, here is where the two groups of men differ. Rather than manipulate girls into fucking them, punters agree monetary rates in advance for a certain number of hours, book a hotel (very often a nice one), and pay the girl in cash up front. Gifts are not unusual. Dinner is not unsual. Even tips are not unsual. Punters are absolute fucking saints in comparison!

I received hundreds and hundreds of messages on the Sugar Daddy websites (my pics are hot). Each time I replied that I was a seeking a financial arrangement and I suggested one overnight a week, for say £3,000 a month. That would put my overnight rate at £750. Frankly, a fucking bargain! Responses varied from ‘sorry I don’t need to pay for sex’ to ‘the most I can pay a month is £700’ and the cringeworthy ‘let’s meet for dinner and then maybe after I can try out the goods before committing?’

Of those hundreds and hundreds of messages, I got only a couple from men I felt were possibly genuine and who claimed to be prepared to pay the sort of money I was after. Here is where the hard work started. On giving these few men my phone number, I was bombarded with whatsapp messages and phone calls. Dinners were arranged, but of course these men wanted more than that. Regular contact, daily phones chats in which they talked to me like I was their girlfriend (i’d not met or earned a penny out of them yet). This is in stark contrast to the traditional escort/client relationship where there is little communication between paid time.

It did my head in. Experiment was terminated at that point. Life is too fucking short. 3K a month was not enough, if indeed I was ever going to see a penny.

Here is the reality of it all. If you want to earn good money in exchange for companionship and sex, forget Sugar Daddy websites. By signing up to them you are already trying to prostitute yourself, so for God’s sake do it properly and sign up to an agency like mine, or even get yourself on Adultwork (assuming you have the nouse to look after yourself). If you are smart and attractive, you can expect to earn several thousand plus every month as an escort. I can guarantee you will NEVER earn anything like that from a Sugar Daddy website, if indeed you earn anything at all. If one of my girls spent 6 months dicking around on Sugar Daddy websites rather than working as an escort, I would estimate they’d suffer a financial loss of anywhere in the region of £30,000 – £50,000. Be smart, ladies.

If you have found this blog while considering signing up to a Sugar Daddy website, my advice to you is to switch your business brain on and get away from this thick celebrity inspired bullshit of bagging yourself a rich boyfriend to rinse so you can do fuck all, all day. Wealth comes with hard work.

10 thoughts on “Do Sugar Daddy websites really work?

  1. Dirk Digler says:

    Sound’s like sour grapes Suzie.

    As you say – quite correctly – this is an exchange of money for sex. What you are objecting too is the buyer (the old men) getting a better deal from the seller (the prostitute) on

    As you brag about earning hundreds of thousands from ‘punters’ why don’t you be generous and let market forces work. If some smart geezers are getting it off with girls half their age for free, good for them. It is no more or less dishonest than an escort pretending to be interested in their client while taking money of him.

    Dirk x

    • BigSuzyM says:

      You misunderstand sex work, Dirk.

      Clients pay us to ‘pretend’ to be interested in them. We are providing a very honest service. Both parties know the deal from the offset.

      Signing up to a sugar daddy website, implying you will financially ‘take care’ of the young lady while having sexual relations with her, and then not delivering, is quite the opposite to what we do – it’s very dishonest.

      What is it you object to about women being paid for sex? Do you generally not like to pay for services people supply you with? What about the plumber or electrician, do you pay them? I expect you do.

      If you are one of those men who tricks naive young women into sex, then you’re a bit of a scumbag mate.

  2. Dirk Digler says:

    Hi Suzy,

    Perhaps one day, Top Gear repeats on Dave, will be interrupted by adverts for girls mis sold Sugar daddy relationships. It will be a welcome break from hearing about PPI’s.

    The clue is in the word ‘imply’. There is no guarantee, real or ‘implied’, that a Sugar Daddy will take care of all the girls financial needs. It therefore comes down to how much financial need is actually paid for. If a guy pays £700 a month for one night a week of sex and the girl agrees then that is market forces. Using your own analogy of the plumber or electrician it is just a question of the buyer (Sugar Daddy) getting the best deal he can. Do you pay your plumber £100/hour if another plumber – equally qualified – is prepared to do the same work for £20/hour?

    Personally I have no objection for paying for sex. I have been doing it in one form or another most of my life. If the currency exchanged is marital security, a date or actual cash it matters little to this debate. What we are discussing here is that a market exists that is under pricing your operation. I believe it is the competition you object too and the risk this represents to traditional prostitution.

    Easyjet changed the European aviation industry by offering no frills flights at a fraction of the cost of BA. By your logic Easyjet are the victims and passengers enjoying cheap holidays are the scumbags.

    As for tricking naive young women into sex, pfft, isn’t that what every teenager does?

    This is not an attack on you or your profession Suzy. If you can operate at the top end of the market then good luck to you.

    • BigSuzyM says:

      Do you really think that if my worry was competition, I would be drawing my clients’ attention to the Sugar Daddy websites by writing this blog? Not likely is it.

  3. Elite Yasmin says:

    Sorry had to jump in on this one.

    Darling Dirk,

    Several years ago I ‘tried’ using Sugar Daddy style websites and know at least 3 girls who have had similar experiences to myself. In my business I am a professional person, with honest intentions and am someone who tells the truth. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of these types of sites when it comes to most of their male clients.

    The general consensus is that you get a website with approx 95% time wasters who are on the site to lure naive girls into situations with a pretence of the level of financial assistance they are willing to offer, which I find honestly fucking outrageous. One of the emails I received read along the lines of; ‘let’s meet at a Kings Cross B&B and we’ll have sex and if I like it then we can arrange something afterwards’. This was the general theme of the emails myself and the other girls I know received. I’m no fool and I’ve had experience in this industry so obviously I told this guy where to go, but Dirk, some girls have no idea that is a scam. They’re not street smart, and without the backing of an agency or website with feedback these girls are putting themselves in situations they can’t read and will be wholly taken advantage off and worst case will be put in danger.

    The majority of guys lie about their circumstances because they want to take advantage of girls. There are no guarantees about how each individual relationship will work but the tag line of SA does imply that a beautiful young girl can expect financial compensation, the tag line says it all; ‘Where beautiful successful people fuel mutual beneficial relationships’. It has to be beneficial to the girl and I’m sorry but these sites do not provide guys that are looking to benefit a woman, they are only looking to gain at the expense of the young lady. If you are in doubt I challenge you to a set up a female profile, with a cute photo and you will see the rude, absurd and sordid proposals on offer, for yourself.

    I have no problem with market forces being at play as there is enough money in the world for it to flow to everyone. The main problem is the guys wanting a better deal often actually want it for free. There are people that will always want a cheap no frill airline ticket and that is great but there will always also be people that want to fly First Class and enjoy pre flight champagne and a glass of Chateaunef de pap with their main course (namely me). The difference is you won’t get raped at Easyjet, and Easyjet are honest and follow through and offer what they said they’d do, getting you from A to B.

    This is why I feel passionately about working for a reputable agency with bad ass bosses that actually give a shit about me and my well being and do the incredibly tough job of eliminating these nuisance time wasters so that by the time I get to my client I can relax, know I’m safe and quote ‘pretend’ to enjoy their company.

    To me the escorting relationships I have through Elite Courtesans (and they are forms of relationships I’ve known many of my clients for 1-3yrs plus) are the most honest out there. We deliver on the experience that is expected and wanted and at the point of sale (if you want to be blunt) we are numerated generously. This is a win / win situation where both parties are happy and relaxed without any haggling, tasteless negotiations or someone going back on what they promised. So when I turn up I will be happy, engaged and ready to have a bloody good time and blow his fucking socks off amongst other things. Clients can also feel secure that I’m not going to turn around next week and ask for an extra £1000 and if not I’ll tell tell their wife as there is no protection for them either on these sites and trust me there are a few crazy bitches out there too.

    Right, I think I have finally calmed down and the rant / mini novel has drawn to a close.

    Goodnight, God Bless and sexy hugs and kisses (P.s the hugs and kisses are not for Dirk!)

    Elite Yasmin xXxXx

  4. Dirk Digler says:

    Fair comments Yasmin, I appreciate you have had experience of these sites. I just believe that there will be genuine people as well as those trying to get free sex.
    As I don’t want to take advantage of you, next time I see you in Gaucho Piccadilly I will negotiate a fee for your electronic hugs and kisses 😀


  5. Anon says:

    Exceptions and generalisations are perhaps the discussion point.
    I’m perfectly happy to accept the generalisations of the author – she knows a lot more about the industry than I do, I’m quite sure.
    My own experience of SA, as a man looking to pay for sex, was that it tended to waste my time – not because the girls were lying unlike many of the men I would guess – but because of the pantomime involved. Having said that, I have met six women from the site, and had sex with four of them for money. I am seeing two of these currently. We get on famously. They get money and are treated well. I love seeing them and having sex with them. There is no commitment – and this seems to suit all parties.
    My profile on SA is very explicit and honest about what I am looking for in order to deter time wasters – and I think this helps.
    As for AW, I am worried about the lack of competition to it, and the behaviours it generates. There are three girls on AW who I know well, are perfectly well behaved as far as I am concerned, and AW seem to have found spurious/minor reasons to arbitrarily knock down their profiles – causing real problems (like no money!) to them.

    • BigSuzyM says:

      The chances of those reasons being spurious are low. Having worked on Adultwork myself (sticking to the rules) my profile was never removed. I know many others who have never fallen foul of profile removal either. That’s not to say the site is without problems, but when it comes to making money, you would be crazy to choose SA over AW. My personal experience of using Adultwork as an indie is overwhelmingly positive.

  6. Nigel says:

    I thought id add my twopenneth. I am a regular user of SA and have had mixed results. Also I have used many escort agencies including this one. I have ended up going out with two escorts I met this way. Getting back to the sugar daddy thing I’m sure there are lots of men who lie on there to try and get free sex but my experience is more positive than that. I have met a number of lovely girls who are happy to exchange sex for money for SD/SB is much more about personal connection than that. Most of the girls I have met don’t want to sleep with a load of strangers who they don’t know and often may not even like. Whereas a SD/SB relationship the two of you are more like a normal relationship albeit one that has defined rules and money exchange. I know people will say there is no difference but I would strongly disagree. I would definitely consider a number of the girls I’ve met as friends (we would do things for each other not related to sex or money). Anyway that’s my experience. Room for all types of exchange I would say.


  7. Elise says:

    I tried SA for months, all I got was fakes, idiots, people who arranged to meet then blocked me or made the lamest excuse I didn’t meet a single person!
    The worst dating site ever!

    It was stupid as I knew other girls who did quite well. But it seems hard to get a genuine arrangement as guys are saying things like looking for spark/chemistry/regular thing but then continue to message other girls.

    Some state they are looking for a relationship, even so I think some are in denial about what the site actually entails. Others are just cheap, no effort on their part to travel or arrange a hotel, negotiating or bartering prices, or they expect you to meet for coffee for no reason. Like I want to spend my time doing that?!
    I think guys are outnumbered now and have 19 year olds throwing themselves at them it goes to their head.

    I’m on AW now so i’ts obvious why you are on there, no bullshit thankfully!

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