This post was written by the very lovely Brooke, and has been influenced by some recent escort-related topics.

I’m a strong believer that sexuality is as important to humans as air or food, a belief that forms part of some influential and respected philosophies from thousands of years back. Personally, being an escort is my own choice and a way for me to satisfy my sexual, emotional and yes, financial needs. Human trafficking and related activities should not exist. But who is deciding that being (or seeing) an escort who works of her own free will is immoral? A woman who shuns sex with her partner for years? A well-known public person whose sex drive naturally died decades ago? Religion? The public opinion of escorting is frequently influenced by individuals with their own reasons and problems. 

My view is that there is nothing wrong with being an escort as long as:

  • That’s your own choice and desire (you are not forced in it and your age and life experience allow for that)
  • You care for your and your client’s health (I don’t only mean sexual heath only but your mind as well)
  • You don’t advertise something you are not happy with. Some examples: if you are straight don’t say you are bisexual, if you are submissive don’t say you are dominant or if you hate a service – don’t say you love it. That’s not fair for you!
  • You pay your taxes

I’ve been with Elite for over 4 years now (oops, I must be like a piece of the furniture lol) and I have never been so happy and secure in my life before. I constantly meet amazing people and I travel to some destinations I would never visit without my special clients, not only due to the price but also bravery!

Before I joined Elite I’ve never had as much flowers for my birthday or Valentine’s Day, yet now I get them regularly. I stopped smoking because of my clients, I don’t spend my evenings drinking on my own and I actually limit alcohol to almost nothing because of driving. Gym and beauty treatments are always in my diary and I spend a lot of time looking after my physical well being including diet.

What do I hate? Yes, there is something.  I hate when my clients feel guilty for their desires; they really don’t deserve to be denied sex for years. I am not suggesting for one second that their partners should have sex when they don’t want it, absolutely not. But denying your partner physical intimacy is not fair and needs exploring, even if that means separating or permission being granted for one of you to explore sex outside of the partnership. A relationship without intimacy can feel very lonely indeed, and no one deserves to feel lonely. It is up to both in the partnership – man and woman – to confront this problem, and not brush it under the carpet.

Everyone deserves to feel loved and accepted.

I’m not trying to encourage you to use or join Elite. Not at all. I’m just cross when someone with totally different needs and desires tries to dictate to me what I should or shouldn’t do with my body and my time! It is also saddens me when I meet men who love their wives/partners, yet feel inescapably lonely and unloved.

With my love always,

Your Brooke