Welcome to Suzy M’s blog. I am one of the owners of Elite Courtesans – a job I cherish but which, on any given day, can be responsible for a range of emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. We have tears, tantrums, sorrow, happiness, anger, excitement and, most importantly, lots of laughter. It’s not your typical day job.

I thought I would devote my first post to a bit of background information. Those of you who speak to myself and Lisa (the other owner) on a regular basis may be interested after all.

Lisa and I met some time in 2006 – I can’t remember exactly when, but it was definitely summer….it was bloody hot. We both worked as indies in between lazing our days away sunbathing in our back gardens. I couldn’t make a promised outcall appointment with a regular and as she worked the same area as me, I contacted Lisa and asked her to go on my behalf. She went along and later thanked me for sending her to ‘a massive minger’ (oddly, I didn’t think he was that bad, horses for courses I suppose). And so a friendship blossomed.

Both quite skilled with computers, web design and internet generally, Lisa suggested that we start an escort agency. I was hesitant. Generally in life i’m not a risk taker. I’m one of those slovenly people who likes to sit back and let good stuff find me, rather than the other way round. Plus, it was summer, and I was busy lying bikini clad in my back garden, reading Neil Gaiman books and annoying my neighbour’s wife.

Lisa was persistent. Where as I had grown up in a middle class area of Bristol, a city once given the amusing though wildly misleading tagline ‘crack, smack and Massive Attack’ by a friend, Lisa hails from an altogether different place. Brazil to be exact. If you’re thinking of bare footed children running around Favelas waving guns then you’re not alone. And though her childhood was far from that picture, she certainly comes from a land where hard work is the only way most people can survive.

And so Elite Courtesans was born and the hard graft really began. *Cue Violins* We are now glued to our PCs, we carry 3 phones everywhere, we are awake far more than we are asleep, our families have to schedule visits 3 months in advance and we manage a large gaggle of girls to the degree of accuracy that, if they were airplanes, air traffic control at Heathrow couldn’t match.

Every now and then I question why I gave up escorting. After all, the money was better, hours were less, I got to meet lots of interesting people and to visit some fabulous places. But then I remember the endless dieting, trips to the gym and general body maintenance. I remember the wankers and smelly clients. The cheapskates and the cunts (groups the Elite girls are spared due to our now advanced – CIA level – telephone interrogation skills).

These days, if i’m honest, i’m happy just looking and acting Mrs Average – I think it suits me much better. Plus Elite Courtesans has now blossomed from a petulant child who was some days happy and some days sad, into the most beautiful and contented young woman. With massive knockers to boot.

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