This naughty post was written by the super-amazing Holly.

Having just dropped a friend off at the Airport for her holiday to Paris, and now sitting in very slow traffic with my mind still fixated on the night of my erotic encounter with Mr J. It is a warm afternoon and I know the traffic back home is going to be a while so I put on some music, undo some buttons on my blouse and turn on the aircon.

It is a beautiful evening in the early week of September and my brief is to visit a Mr J and he would like me to wear something lacey with suspenders and high heels. That of course is no problem as it would be considered the norm for me. So having finished up my shower dressed and ready to go I dab on some of my favourite Dior and head for the door. My journey is pleasant and I find myself wondering what sexual excitement awaits me tonight. My thoughts have pleasantly aroused me and I can feel my nipples harden as my lace bra rubs against them. I am driven wild by the feeling of lace and the smell of scented candles, it just takes me to an erotic level. My thoughts are quickly interrupted by the sound of my sat nav telling me I have reached my destination. I park and enter this beautiful old Victorian building which houses 4 apartments. I take the stairs to the top floor and knock on the door.

I am greeted by Mr J. who is a towering good looking gent in his 50’s , he takes my hand and and pulls me into him as he kisses my cheek. He has these beautiful striking blue eyes and a husky deep voice and shows me the way to the lounge. He pours me a lovely glass of ice cold champagne and hands me a silver leafed tray with some decadent chocolate pieces. As I sip on the champagne and eat a piece of chocolate, Mr J is chatting away about his day, and asking me about mine and getting to know me. I find myself instantly relaxed and lost in his blue eyes as we laugh and chat away.

Mr J then tells me that he often looks at my pictures on our website and finds himself fantazising about running his hands slowly over my body and watching me shower. He then tells me that tonight he would like to do exactly that and that I am to say nothing and just answer him as he whispers in my ear. I find that quite erotic and picture Mr J sitting in front of his computer with a hard cock totally aroused looking at my pictures. Mr J is wearing smart black trousers and a white collard shirt and from where I am sitting he smells so good and I want to undress him so I can feel the lace from my lingerie and his warm body against mine.
He then takes my hand and leads me down the passage to a room at the end and opens the door. As the door is opened I smell the scent of sandalwood, such a sensual sexy scent it literally makes me weak in the knees.

I see candles, at least 10 of them in small glass holders scattered around the room and as I look around I see a massage bed. He tells me to take my dress off and leave my lingerie on as he would like to undress me further. He then leaves the room to warm up the massage oil, as I await his return I am getting the different scents of oil burning and find myself so aroused and wet and wanting his cock deep inside of me with is hands gliding over my body.

On his return I am surprised by his nakedness and find my eyes scanning his body with delight. He gestures to me to not say a word as he takes my hand and pulls me close into him as he kisses me in my neck. I feel his body rub up against mine and his hard cock press into me as I moan with delight. I am always aroused by hot breath in my neck and the fine smell of masculine cologne. As he glides his hands between my legs and rubs my lacey panties over my clit and back around my arse and then glides his hands to the back of my bra as he un-clips it.

I am so turned on and run my hands over his body and feel his warm hard wet cock in my hands. I go down on my knees and take his cock in my mouth and slowly lick and suck it as I take his balls in my hand and gently stroke them licking his wet head of his cock. I drive his cock deep into my throat so I can feel the whole of him right in the back of my throat and find myself wanting to gag.  He then raises me up and continues to undress me as he lays my naked body onto the massage bed. The room is lit with candles yet gives off a semi dark feel of sensuality, as Mr J now pours oil over my body and glides his hands slowly over my breasts as I close my eyes and let myself go.

I can hear the instrumental soft music in the back ground and the feel of Mr J’s breath as he glides his hands further down my body and slides them between my legs rubbing my clit and placing his fingers deep inside of me. I am very wet and find that I am dripping out on his massage bed which has clearly aroused him and he leans forward and whispers in my ear how bad he wants me and that he is going to stick his cock in me and make me cum with pleasure. He then asks me to beg him nicely of which I do as I am wanting it so bad. He takes me off the bed and bends me over the massage bed and takes me from behind whilst running his hands over my breasts and driving his cock inside of me. He is in no hurry and that is just the way I like it, teasing me slowly in and out and telling me how good it feels.

It is not long before I am cuming so hard that I find myself letting out a loud moan which sends shivers through my body. I then turn around and whisper in his ear to cum on my breasts of which he does and see the delight in his eyes. He then takes me to the shower as I stand and shower whilst he watches and helps dry me off as he kisses my neck. On my way out Mr J asks me to leave my wet panties in his post box, of which I do with a smile.

I am suddenly jolted back to the sound of Evanescence singing ”bring me to life” as I take the next lane home.

I find myself wet as I stick my hand in my panties and remember to buy more batteries on my way home.

Wet Kisses All over

Holly xx

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