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Blonde escort Hayley keeling on the coffee table in white lingerie and tan stockings.

Blonde escort Hayley in red knickers posing in the kitchen.
Petite courtesan Hayley lying in the kitchen in red lingerie and black high heeled shoes.


About Hayley

I’m very sexual and love the adrenaline rush of enjoying new men and women…plus I love having an underwear drawer full of naughty goodies.

Feast your eyes on one of our superstars!

Hayley is a young professional with a great career. Come the evening, she morphs into an escort extraordinaire. Exceptionally naughty with an insatiable appetite for passion, this fun blonde and her fantastic toned size 8 figure will leave you smiling for weeks. She will knock your socks off.

Aside from being a confident and adventurous young woman, Hayley is friendly, intelligent and has a great sense of humour. An evening spent with this bi-sexual babe is an absolute joy.

We are very fond of Hayley (actually, we fancy the pants off her). She has fantastic feedback and comes very well recommended. It is very unusual for a client to see Hayley only the once, often they book back again and again. Very addictive.

Hayley is based in Bristol so can cover most of the South West with ease. She can also travel over the Oxford, Heathrow and Reading for longer bookings.

Hayley meets with gents and couples. Visit our contact page to arrange a booking!

Hayley in blue hotpants in the living room.
Blonde courtesan Hayley on the bed in an animal print body.
Petite escort Hayley stood in the doorway in green lingerie.
Hayley sat topless in the kitchen in red knickers.



Age: 28
Star Sign: Aries
Occupation: Estate Agent
Height: 5’2
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Vital Stats: 34B-28-34
Dress Size: 8
Nationality: English
Bisexual: Yes
Drink: Sex on the Beach
Food: Risotto


2 hours: Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Swindon, Newbury, Cardiff, Newport, Cheltenham & Gloucester.

3 hours: Oxford, Reading, Salisbury, Exeter, Heathrow, Worcester, Hereford and North Cotswolds.

4 hours: Southampton, Birmingham & West Midlands


2 Hours:      £350

3 Hours:      £500

4 Hours:      £650

5 Hours:      £800

6 Hours:      £950

12 Hours:   £1200


“Hayley is such as lovely, sexy woman. Not only is she a naughty minx, she’s also so much fun to be with.” Mr C

“Hayley is a wonderful, lovely girl. Really made me feel relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. She’s fantastic!” Mr D

Hayley leaning against the table pulling down her blue hotpants.
Petite blonde courtesan Hayley kneeling in white lingerie.
Hayley in red and black lingerie next to a grand piano.
Hayley showing off her wonderful bottom in green underwear.


By The Lady Herself…

What’s your occupation?
I work in property and love houses big and small, favourite room to view is of course the bedroom.

What attracted you to escorting?
I’m very sexual and love the adrenaline rush of meeting and enjoying new men…plus I love getting dressed up and having an underwear drawer full of naughty goodies.

Which other Elite girls have you met in person?
Suzy, Lisa, Laura, Abby and Claire – all are absolutely stunning. I love threesomes (foursomes, fivesomes, whatever) with any of them!

What turns you on?
Long kisses, nipples, having my hair pulled and of course men in all shapes and sizes!

What turns you off?

Most beautiful/interesting/favourite place in the world you’ve visited and why:
New York, it really never sleeps and i’m a night owl. The art galleries and shopping are fabulous.

You’re on death row (probably for shagging some poor guy to death). You can choose one last meal and one movie to watch while you eat it. Name them:
Risotto and Rocky. Sylvester Stallone is hot, and all that sweat and determination gets me going!

Do you have a favourite author?
No, I like discovering new books – I still go to the library!

If ITV (or even Hollywood) made a TV series about your escorting escapades, who would you like to see play the lead role?
Lindsay Lohan, she’s a bit of a wild child and would do justice to my naughty side, but she’s also stunning and has potential to be classy and do me proud….I hope!

If you were a car, what type would you be and why?
A Fiat 500: like me it’s classic, guarantees a great ride and is loads of fun in a small package.

We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what other less extravagant gifts make you smile?
I much prefer pearls to diamonds but I’m easily pleased. I love perfume (Marc Jacobs) and pick and mix, especially foam banana sweets

Stockings or hold ups?
Hold ups – just in case I get caught in the middle of a naughty act and need to run away!

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Rolling Stones – I have potential to be a rock princess and love leather, studs and red lipstick.

Lisa or Suzy?
I’d shag Suzy and marry Lisa, although both are wonderful.

Meeting Hayley

Visit our contact page to arrange a booking. Still not sure? Read more about Hayley over in our blog.

Hayley leaning in against the door frame in black stockings and suspenders.
Blonde escort Hayley posing in hold ups.
Hayley on a bar stool in only her red knickers.
Hayley posing in animal print with her long blonde hair down,
Escort Hayley lying on a rug in white two piece lingerie and tan stockings.
Hayley on the rug again in her favourite two pieces white lingerie, bottom in the air.