With the increased popularity of Twitter over recent months, both with our girls and our clients, we thought it would be a good idea to note down some ‘Twitter Etiquette’. This will help you – our clients – understand what we feel is an acceptable use of the service and hopefully stop problems before they begin.

What We Like
We love the banter between the agency, the girls and the clients. We like to learn more about our clients and we enjoy the short day to day chit chat that Twitter allows for.

We like the increased excitement and anticipation Twitter can bring to both clients and girls.

We see Twitter as a way that our girls can express themselves (sorry that sounds so wanky), and anything that helps clients learn more about the girls they are going to meet can only be a good thing. Do follow them and read their ramblings!

What We Do Not Like
Clients relentlessly tweeting the ladies throughout the day (same goes for direct messages). See tweets no differently to text messages. If you sent an escort 20 text messages a day you would quickly be blacklisted as a pest – regardless of whether you booked her or not. Don’t make the same mistake here. Once the girls see you as a pain, nothing we say to them will change that. Please be very respectful of their time.

Please do not ask the girls directly about their availability, minimum booking times, rates or their services. For any business type questions, speak to the agency by email or on 07728 554 754.

Who is Using Twitter?
We do not ask the girls to post on Twitter. It’s really up to them if they have the time or the inclination to do so. Please, please don’t let the fact that a lady doesn’t have a Twitter account put you off booking her! If she has passed a Suzy or Lisa interview you can be sure of three things: she’s drop dead gorgeous, she has a thoroughly engaging personality and she’s an exceptionally naughty and fun companion. Twitter or no Twitter.

I think that’s covered it. Any questions, problems or worries that I am talking about you in particular (i’m probably not), you know where I am.

Suzy x

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