I read somewhere that the most profitable business models tend to be those that involve the most risk; for example prostitution, drugs and guns. I can certainly attest to the financial rewards of prostitution. And while I have no doubt there is serious money to be made in drugs and guns, those business models are surely not as easy to realise.

I mean, i’ve got no idea how much a few kilos of cocaine and an array of other Class A narcotics would set you back, but I am guessing: not cheap. Similarly, a crate of AK47s must leave a big dent in your wallet…and that’s before you consider shipping costs and the perils of dealing with bat-shit-mental African dictators. But nowadays, a woman with an ounce of common sense can take some nice pictures in front of a mirror, create herself a free Adultwork profile and be earning a perfectly legal wage in no time. Isn’t prostitution brilliant?

Of course, when it comes to prostitution, there are different business models within the business itself. The woman I have referred to above setting up on Adultwork is going to do alright. If she’s attractive, intelligent and good at her job, she’ll probably earn the national wage or a bit higher and she will do so with very little outlay (she’ll need condoms, nice underwear, a sat nav and fuel in her car). But if that same woman wants to start making serious money, then she needs to approach her business a whole lot differently.

Now I reckon (know) it’s possible to earn an incredible prostitution wage with an initial outlay of about £1500. It is possible, in my experience, to earn many many times that initial outlay and live a very comfortable life indeed. Prostitution has to be one of the only business models in the world where such high earnings are possible – and so quickly – off such a small investment. I have set up and run several other ‘normal’ businesses, and typically they take thousands and thousands of pounds of your money initially while taking years to turn a profit (if ever).

So what is this initial investment? Why, professional photos of course! Which you then place on a well-established and well-run agency website. Here at Elite we send the girls to a trusted photographer in London who we know takes awesome photos that never fail to pull in the punters. Actually, the photos themselves cost between £600 & £800, but I am allowing a bit more for travel expenses to London, plus lingerie and outfit costs.

When a potential new lady comes for an interview at Elite, I explain our process as thus: we will add you a profile to the website with a few of your amateur shots. These shots will get you only a few jobs (many chaps searching at the more expensive end aren’t keen on amateur pics), and those few jobs will allow you to firstly make sure you enjoy the work, and most importantly will fund your photoshoot.

It’s very important, I tell them, not to squander the money you earn from those first few jobs on anything else and to put it to one side for the photos. If you have debts, don’t be tempted to plough the money into them. Hold back, save the cash for the photoshoot and once it’s been done, then start dealing with your debts. With professional photos, a good work ethic and the right attitude, money will be regular and plentiful. Without professional photos, work will quickly stop and you will get nowhere.

I am pleased to say that almost all of the ladies that cross my path listen to me. Some even go straight for the shoot without wasting what they see as valuable time on the initial few jobs. Either way, all these ladies are ambitious, driven and intelligent. They understand a business takes investment, and honestly, this is a very small investment in the grand scheme of things.

Every now and then though I come across someone who despite agreeing to the photo shoot during the interview, fights tooth and nail against it and spends the little bit of money I am able to send their way elsewhere, missing the point of everything. These women usually have ‘a friend’ who can do them photos for free. Nowadays I refuse these friend-taken photos point blank, but when I used to accept them they were always and without fail shit in comparison to all the other ladies’ photos on the website. Unsurprising really, as they are taken by some of the best glamour photographers in the business.

It’s very frustrating and invariably, these ladies disappear very quickly. So I thought I would write this blog and link to it from our recruitment page so future Elite ladies understand how they should approach their new venture. You have to be ambitious and business-minded to come and work for Elite Courtesans – it is definitely not a place for women who lack either of these qualities.

Of course, it would be remiss of me to suggest that good photos are the be all and end all. While they will get you the initial work, your attitude is what will see you through long term. Regular customers are your life-blood as a prostitute and I will be writing a separate blog on that soon.

Suzy x

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