There are only three ages for women in Hollywood – Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy.

Women get a hard time when it comes to age. It seems that nowadays we are past our prime if we are over 25, pushing it when we get over 30 and God knows what the deal is when we get to 40. May as well chuck us in a skip. The whole world wide women fight aging with snake oils, creams, injections, fillers and surgery. Growing old naturally may soon be a thing of the past. And it’s hardly any wonder, with the pressure heaped on us to stay wrinkle-free, skinny and keep our tits up under our noses for as long as possible.

Why am I talking about age in this blog? I suspect there is an assumption when it comes to the sex industry that firstly, all the punters seek very young women (say 18-25), and secondly, that to be be a sex worker with any real success you have to be ‘young’. So my purpose with this blog is to tell you that this assumption is wrong. Very wrong in fact.

As Britain’s Premier Madam (a title I have admittedly awarded myself), I can tell you with absolute honesty that I would have a great deal of difficulty finding work for an 18 year old. A 21 year old would also prove tough. In fact, for every lady I have ever employed under the age of say 23/24, I have spent many hours on the phone to clients trying to justify why they should consider seeing someone so young.

Why might that be you wonder? Well, contrary to how you may view the average user of prostitutes, the age range of whom tends to be mid forties to mid sixties, they are overwhelmingly normal chaps many of whom aren’t too keen on the idea of fucking a girl young enough to be their daughter or even…gulp…granddaughter. They also aren’t too keen on spending hours in the company of a woman so much younger than them that they have nothing in common, no shared interests and nothing to talk about. For an escort – client meeting to be a success, there needs to be a connection, which in turns relies heavily on some shared life experiences.

As Lisa and I have grown older, and as Elite Courtesans has grown older, we have adopted a policy of not employing girls under 21 at all. And anyone under the age of say 24/25 really needs to show a certain level of maturity beyond her years. Not trying to be patronizing here, but we’ve all been that age and remember feeling like we knew everything, when in fact, we still knew very little. Personally, at age 36 I am only recently started to feel that I know myself and the world properly. But maybe that’s just me. I always was a slow learner.

At our agency and catering to our client base (which is really quite large), the most popular ladies have tended to be over the age of 28 with my three all-time most popular escorts to date being over 40. My explanation for this is the older and more experienced us humans get, the better we understand other humans. And in this industry, the better we understand other humans and can empathise with them, the more successful we will be.

So if you are a lady 30 plus, 40 plus or even 50 plus and are thinking, am I too told to be an escort? No, you’re not. I dare say there is work for you whatever your age, though we may be getting into some sketchy niche stuff eventually. But hey, if it pays the bills, who really cares?

Suzy x

* I nicked the title to this blog from one of the most beautiful and mesmerising songs ever written. Have a listen.

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  1. jill says:

    i am over fifty but like to think i take pride in the way i look , i would li8ke to be considered for escort work

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