‘Become an escort and earn £££££s’

You have decided to become an escort. You need the cash to clear those debts; you have done your research and understand what the job entails. As scintillating as your conversation skills may be, you are NOT going to be paid hundreds of pounds just to go out to dinner, you realise there is more to it than that. An escort is always a prostitute/sex worker.

With so many sites offering to sign you up, claiming that you will be earning ££££££s, it is essential that you do your research. Not all of these sites are legitimate – far from it – and those that are bogus have been set up with the sole intention of ripping off men and women who are often already in dire straits financially.

Having heard lots of complaints about unscrupulous website operators taking your money with no intention of providing any service, I have put together this brief guide to help you avoid some very common pitfalls.

Never pay an escort agency a joining fee

Perhaps the most important point I want to emphasise is that a reputable escort agency WILL NOT charge you a joining fee. Instead, they will charge you a commission on any work they get you. This means that they do not get paid until you get paid. Avoid any agency that asks for cash up front and those that require clients to login before they can see any escort details. Some of these agencies advertise 0871, 0844, 0845 etc numbers, so when you call to complain they earn money!

If an escort agency signs you up for free and then asks for money to ‘maximise your profile’, again this would be a time to walk away. A reputable agency may ask you to pay for a professional photo shoot (in which case you would pay the photographer and have ownership of the photos), but would never charge you a fee to add photos to their site. Avoid anyone who does – they are not working for you but for themselves only.

A common trick used by the dodgy agencies is to tell you that they have a job for you….their client is desperate to meet you….but that you need to pay their joining fee first. Don’t be tricked – you will never hear from them again.

Do your research and don’t get conned!

Male escorts and escort agencies

Are you a straight guy who wants to earn some extra money working as a male escort? Getting paid for having sex, great! Almost certainly too good to be true I am afraid – I have yet to meet a straight guy who works in this industry with any success.

So many bogus websites advertise for male escorts because, let’s face it guys, you must be easy targets. You are NOT going to earning a living pleasuring frustrated housewives. If you find a website advertising heavily for male escorts they fall into the ‘bogus avoid!’ category and will charge you a fee somewhere along the line with no chance of a return.

If you really are set on escorting follow the advice below on ‘finding a good agency’ – you are looking for a site that advertises mostly women and only a couple of guys.

Finding a good escort agency

A well advertised agency is a good start. A reputable agency will spend thousands of pounds a year on advertising to ensure that their girls get regular work. You will find various links to the agency website from a variety of well established UK punting directories often with reviews if the agency is well established. You will not be charged to join!

A good agency site will be created with the client in mind rather than the escort – that is, the site will place great emphasis on selling escort services and a little on recruitment. Escort photos and details will be publicly accessible without the need for a site login.

Expect to be invited to interview! A good agent will have a regular client base and a reputation to keep up. They will want to see you in the flesh, get an idea about your personality, talk you through what is involved etc. Be up front with them from the start, do not tell them you are 28 when you are 38 or send them photos that are 10 years old.

Last but not least, remember there is no such thing as a non-sexual escort agency. Men do not pay hundreds of pounds to buy you dinner or take you to the theatre. Anyone telling you they run a no-sex escort agency IS A SCAMMER.

Help! I’ve been scammed by a bogus escort agency, can I get my money back?

No, you aren’t going to get your money back. What you must do though is report the scam to Action Fraud, and you can do so here. The reason these scam agencies get away with it for so long is that not enough people report them. When enough people report, the Police will make an arrest and the people running the bogus agencies will go to prison. So if you want to make sure the fraudster gets their comeuppance for robbing you of your hard-earned money, report them. Don’t be embarrassed to do so.

79 thoughts on “Escort Agency Scams

  1. simon davies says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your views on scam escort agencies. It’s especially bad for guys and I’ve heard from tons who have been duped into parting with their cash to ‘join’ an agency. Personally, I feel it’s best for a man to set up as an independent male escort.

  2. David Earl says:

    Thankyou so much. I was just about to pay a registration fee to (£220) to one of these agencies.
    David Earl

  3. jessica says:

    Thanks a lot I have been speaking to one agency and they wanted me to pay 295pounds to their advertising agency in Spain…thank for d insite

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hi i was wondering anyone on here worked for elite esscorts london is an non sexual esscort company everyone go on dates with is police checked . There saying i can pay half the money tomorrow 125 pound will be caled on a date over weekend and can pay the other half after my first date . Dates sre no less than 360 each date can be up to an hour it seems to good to be true. Wanted to know if is a scam please x

    • marcella says:

      Hello Charlotte.. I got exact same call today said I can pay 125 today n 125 on weekend after my booking they said 360 for 3 hours I don’t know what to do ain’t there a place we can make sure they ain’t a scam?

      • BigSuzyM says:

        Ladies – if you re-read my post above you will see this is a scam. There are NO non-sexual agencies, they are all scams. Also, anyone asking for money up front is a scam. Do you really think the police would provide an escort agency with a criminal record check? Without wishing to sound too rude, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

  5. Sonia says:

    I have been approach by a so call non sexual escort agency. They wanted me to pay £340 registration and advertising fee. I only had £200, they said they would then offer me a 6 month contract for only £200. I send them 4 photos, I had no interview and was told I had clients waiting to start. I thought how could I have clients if I have not paid the registration or advertising fee. I am now waiting for them to send me their bank details, which is in Portugal. So I can make my payment of £200. I am waiting for a response from them regarding payments. Their website ends with .net and telephone number starts with 087….
    I am pretty sure this is a scam


  6. Andre says:

    Hi I was approached by this non sexual escort site here in the UK and asked me to pay £375 before seeing a client in Soho for dinner for four hours, in return the client will pay me £820 in cash I was about to wire the money don’t think i’ll go ahead with it now,

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Mannique says:

    Beware of The Companion Group. I paid £180 after I was told a client was ready to book me for a Dinnerdate. After I paid, the client as well as the Agency disappeared off the radar. When I was called about the so-called booking I could hear a child crying in the background which raised suspicion that someone was calling me from their residence and that there was no such official setup.
    Tell everyone about The Companion Group being a huge scam.

    • Leanne says:

      I got scammed by this company too. Paid my advertising fee of 290 didn’t hear anything from them after that!

  8. Caroline says:

    hello my name is caroline I recently joined escort guide bt 2 weeks ago paid 50 pound into his account havent had one booking so I told him to take my provile of he hasnt I think it a scam ive also joined a companionnetworkers I sent them pics a lady called me and had a good chat on phone she called me bk today saying that there is interest in me and welcomed me to the agency it all sounds gen and her site looks great but I have to pay a reg fee of 340 pound can you tell me if this agency is gen her name is maria and office num is 0872014550 its a companionship agency please can you help I want to do escorting but am I bt to get scamed second time

  9. Steve says:

    Hi can anyone recommend a decent agency, almost all are asking for a joining fee and I am far to suspicious to send any money, thanks..

    • BigSuzyM says:

      If you are a straight male, there are no decent escort agencies. If you are gay, you should be able to find plenty. The only buyers of sex are men.

      • Angelina says:

        Hi. I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. I am a very attractive educated female and have paid male escorts for sex. As have many of my equally beautiful educated friends.

    • Marie says:

      Hi I saw one from House of Ladies /House of Gentlemen. They don”‘t have a joining fee either but have to attend an interview by Skype

      • bernard says:

        i think i know someone told me they want to interview over the computer, may not be a bad idea, however, we all have not the space for that and also some of us live in places where there is no privacy at all and others can see and hear.

        also if they want they can always have a first initial meeting with a client so long as photos can be seen of that person. as for police check that puts most of us off and if we ask too many questions they back away, a interview over the computer, skype even from where the person lives is not needed. all is needed is the photo and their age, height etc. and hobbies. most of us are common and not good looking and we don’t want others to see what we have where we live – unless we are selling to move.

  10. david says:

    hi I received a call from club-mystique the other day explaining there escort service I just wanted to know if anyone has herd of them before, as the asked me to pay £400 joining fee. Is this a legit agency ??

  11. Liza says:

    Hi, I joined agency club elite, 3 weeks ago, I’m attractive slim and have had no work, I was told someone internationally wanted to see me but they wanted £1500 for advertising I said no way , I paid £175 to join as said would pay rest after work, has anyone ever had work off them????

    • Shannon says:

      Liza, the same thing happened to me and the same company. I have not had any work from them at all. They used the same story. 🙁 so angry!

    • Elaine says:

      The same story to me, they asked me for that amount I said no way, alarm bells rang, I checked them out, why do two different people ask for two lots of different money, they told me I could earn £2000-00 from a Gino, I said wow, that takes a lot of believing for having dinner and chatting about the world, checked them out, they said they where on Canary wharf, no address for them on there, then I fond this page, so glad I did as later they phoned again saying they would accept £300. I said no as I read this by then , doubt if i will hear from then ever again, and not had work of them

    • Samantha Tyler says:

      Yes i have i joined them i paid £300 pounds and never got one job and today when i tried to call them there number is not working they scam people do not get involved i wish i knew how i can get my money back

  12. George Francis says:

    I too had a phone call from Club Elite Escorts responding to an application i sent them over a month ago. They basically made all of these ideal promises saying transport is provided for all bookings, they make all the arrangements and that i make £350 three times a week. Luckily I’d already read this article prior to the phone call and was already skeptical about the joining fee. I told them that i’m aware no escort agencies ask for a joining fee and they made up a lame excuse about how the fee goes towards advertisement. I’m not convinced. Also relating back to this article you can’t actually see any of the escorts on their website as they conveniently have it as ‘members only’, however they have a large section on applying to work for them. Watch out for these guys as they’re likely only going to scam more and more people.

    • Elaine says:

      Reading all the reports, I nearly fell for this as well, they were telling me the same if I paid £1200-00 I would get European clients, they then took it down to £500-00, I would be receiving £2000-00 on my first European Client, that sounds great but to good to be true,
      I have scanned the net for scams after reading this, I got a phone call saying I would get Uk Clients to build up my bank balance, this I am now waiting for their call,
      If this happens I will let you know, if you don’t hear from me in a week you know, it is as you say a scam,

  13. russ says:

    I was also conned last year I paid over 700 pounds never got any work at all I was made redundant 3 years ago whated to try escorting I never got any work at all xx never trust any one ever again that you for telling every one about it russ

  14. Elaine says:

    well update on scam, Elite phoned me again saying i could pay £300 in stead of £500-00 I still said no, I said I will wait till you get me a job with a person from Uk, surprise, surprise I have never heard from them I guess I never will, glad my judgment was good before giving them money

  15. Lisa says:

    Hi I want to be come escort an paid £125ti club elite help they based in London an manchester ! I really need to knw if this is a scam they have rang back an I have rang them an spoke to Julie an Amy I got to pay another 125 wen I have had a few outings so wat do I do now

  16. sharon says:

    Hi,ive just joined club elite yesterday and paid them £250 up front for them to advertise my profile on their website for 6 months! They told me to stay by my phone and expect a phone call today to which I haven’t received!! They said they have an office in London and one in Manchester!! They said they are a non- sexual escort agency,the girl that dealt with me is called Sophie from the London office and the lad from the Manchester office is called Phil or Paul can’t remember!! I think now reading everyone else’s comments ive been well and truly bloody scammed!! What a bunch of bastards!!!!! Very angry!!!!

  17. Sandra says:

    Hi. I had several missed calls from Club Elite and spoke to them today, a well-spoken lady called Amy. She sounded very genuine, I’d never have known it was a scam. She explained it all very well and yes, paid for taxis too and from my home. She sounded disappointed when i said id rather go further afield for dates rather than on my doorstep, but sounded pleased when my location was outside of London as she had lots of clients in that area. Most clients are 38+ apparently. £350 joining fee for 12 months or £250 for 6 months. Earnings are £360 for 3 hours and £80 an hour thereafter. Double on xmas eve and New Year’s Eve. Really am sceptical about paying any money now.. has anyone had any work from them?

  18. Elaine says:

    don’t be fooled by them, there is also a man that says he is the manger named Simon, I went on their web site saying they are a scam he came back to me talking 100 miles a hours, saying I would have work in december, surprise surprise, here we are december and no work, as been said by others the same old story, threatened to report them, still no work, Amy and Julie are the ring leaders, they first tell me they are based in London Canary wharf, no such agency there, I checked it all out, PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED, they try to convince you they have rang with recording, I said you have not rang here, I was doing all the calling, it is now there weeks and no call of them, I also handed over 250 for 6 months work, as above promises of this and that, this firm should be reported, the last phone call was to Haley, when she spoke to me she asked who I was, she had been dealing with me for months and still she forgot who I was, can anybody tell me if they know how to report these people, I have sent all this of to the fraud squad, they never came back to me either,

  19. Kalie Fredrickson says:

    I have paid a company called ‘Companion Network’ a advertising fee today of £200. This is the last of my money after splitting from my boyfriend and needing cash quick to get a place to live……what’s the best way to claim this money back or report them? I’m devastated!

  20. LYNDA says:

    Hi, I have been contacted by two people from Club-elite non-sexual escorting based at Canary Wharf London.
    Ist person to call me was called Lucy Browne, 2nd person Clare ?.
    Asking for £250 for advertising costs.
    When the email arrived with the Bank Details I instantly decided this was an amateur set-up.

    Payment to be paid via internet banking to thus named, D Fox. Yes, a fox alright, as a sly as a fox more like it…

    My Brother is a Sheriff in Scotland, and he is on the case right now. Very angry with Club-Elite. Fake Club-Elite you mean….
    Hope all you scammers who have been phoning me today and yesterday are reading this…

    Here is one person they will not be scamming anyway. Yes, Me… Lynda.
    Did some research online to find all of the above people who are being scammed by these thieves.


  21. Lucy says:

    occasionsescortagency – has anybody heard of these? There is no joining fee but there is a £20 fee for background checks… Is this le-jit?

    • Alex says:

      Yes i have , i tried to join them ,they asked me for 20.00 admin fee, received auto email thanking me for payment ,they said my profile would be up within 24 hours , which i checked nothing there , never heard anything since ,i tried ringing them ,but just keeps ring out constantly thinking of reporting them to action fraud

    • Lesley says:

      I was wondering the same, emails to their address keep being rejected, think they maybe dodgy.

    • Zarah says:

      Was occasionescort agency a scam? I was thinking of joining but haven’t paid the £20 yet

  22. no name says:

    beware club-mistique.com they promise to work and then they want to extort the most first 450 pounds for joining and then they want to extort 3,000 pounds! They do not give work only want to rob you of money

  23. Steve Roberts says:

    Well. I thought I was smart. Exceptional Escorts had my money before I slapped myself and realised I’d been conned. Their office manager, Delia, the husky voiced charmer reminded me of a time back in 2005 when I joined Executive something. ..same woman , same scam.
    Working on getting money back with my brother who is a solicitor. They don’t know that yet…but they will.

  24. Sophie says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to get their money back from these spam company’s? And how do you go about it? Thanks x

    • dcc says:

      sophie if you sent the money, that’s it.
      there is no way to recover it.
      so next time pay more attention.

    • BigSuzyM says:


      Make sure you contact the Police and report it as fraud. You aren’t going to get your money back, but every fraud report will push the scammer up the list and they WILL end up in prison like Tony Muldoon mentioned above. Everyone who gets scammed MUST contact the police.


  25. Lisa says:

    Is Premier Escort also one of these scam websites? Wanting £395 for advertising and marketing, however I can pay it in 2 installments

    • BigSuzyM says:

      You’ve read this article Lisa, what do you think? If you joined my agency, I would not ask you for money up front.

  26. Emma says:

    I’m absolutely seething. I paid Club Elite a joining fee back in January. I have received no work at all. Although I have received a few missed calls from them in recent weeks asking me to call them back and when I have done, they have said they were calling me to book me but went with another escort instead who answered the phone…hmm…i’m not convinced. I’m glad I came across this website though…Suzy you write brilliantly and your blog is interesting too.

    • BigSuzyM says:

      Hello Abes,

      I’ve googled and they are a non-sexual escort agency. So there is 0% chance of you earning any money with them.


  27. Mike says:

    Does anyone know club mystique? I have joined web site since 27.th of August 2015. I paid 450 £ for 6 month membership then someone called me 3000 £ for high profile to pay it. I did it. They said your penis is not enough to get insurance. Before called me they said you earn 15000£ for casting. What can I do? Do I have the right to money back?

    • BigSuzyM says:

      I don’t quite understand your comments Mike but if you’ve been scammed do what the article says – Action Fraud and the Police.

  28. Cam says:

    Hi there, I “joined” an agency called club mystique to which I paid £450 up front for a 6 month joining fee and was told would be recieving work. A couple of weeks later they phoned a told me that a client had taken interest and they would be looking for me to do a film with her for the women and her husband to have as a personal film. The agency then said they would first need £2500 up front for me to be on their ‘elite’ website before the filming could proceed to which I declined obviously. They then said that my agent would pay £1000 herself as the commission would be incredible for her. I did some homework on the website and found this to be scam that has happened to many of their ‘escorts’. On confronting the agency they disagreed with everything I told them and then hung up. Please stay away from ‘club-mystique’ they’re not a registered escort agency and you will never have work nor see your money again!!

    • LorenF says:

      Hi Cam,

      I work for a television production company who are currently looking for contributors ho have been scammed by online escort services.

      Tiger Aspect and we are currently making a day time BBC documentary which follows the stories of convicted criminals assets from seizure to auction and Claire Miller who amassed nearly £1.9 million from fraudulent companies such as ‘Ford Escort Services’ will be featured on the show.

      We’re looking to interview people who have been victim of fraudulent websites for the show to be able to tell the story giving the victims of this crime a voice. Is this something you may be interest in the interview could of course be anonymous.

      Best Wishes,

  29. Elaine says:

    hi folks
    Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this agency? (occasions Escort Agency)
    They claim to be non sexual (yep – read the author’s comments on this!) and the biggest /busiest in the country! Only asking for £20 to register – but still don’t want to waste that if they’re not kosher!
    Thanks x

    • Cindy says:

      Hi Elaine
      I have been wondering the same thing. I submitted a request to join about 6 weeks ago and got an email asking for the £20 and more info. I didnt reply until 3 weeks later asking for more info on how it works and never got a reply. I’m guessing it could be a scam…
      Unless someone else knows otherwise.

  30. Gabriele says:

    Hello , everyone
    I’m Gabriele , 27 years guy from Rome. I must ask you in advance sorry for my english. Well, in order to find more information after a calling from “club Mystique” an agency that ask me to pay 290 £ for registration , I found this web page… thanks God. Well , I was not paying the agency anyway but more information about the experience of other people it always good. I think that a reliable agency of escort and adult movies ( I’m interesting in the last one ad example) have to show our partners, clients if is it an agency about adult movies and collaboration on them website , in short : the references.. don’t you think ? …and then I Thought : ” wow ! how many people here have the same passion and wishes like me and everyone with the same problem….so…WHY WE DO NOT SET AN OUR HONETS AGENCY ? what do you think? In my life I’m never occupied in something like that ..but..why not now! what do you think? LET ME KNOW! I don’t know if I can leave my address email here … BigSuzyM … Could I ? many thanks

  31. Joia Cabral says:

    Mi name is Joia I’m 37 years old.on July 13/06/2016 I pay for this Escort Agency £250 and I never get a job until now. When I try to contact the number the provide to me it is always going straight away to voicemail, and plus the web site doesn’t exist any more.

  32. Cait says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your very informative post. I am considering entering into sex work, but was finding it hard to find any reliable information and support on the best way to go about it. My sense was that all of these sites were scams, so I didn’t consider giving my money away. If you know where to look, there is a lot of support for sex workers whilst they are in sex work – but very little support for people if they are scammed before even getting into it. So thank you again.

  33. Matt says:


    Just read this article has anyone heard of EuphoriceEliteEntertainment?

    And is that a scam?

  34. Johnathan says:

    Has anyone heard of companionsforall is it a scam website. I am thinking on joining them but i have not found anything about them online. No reviews nothing just their website

  35. dwayne says:

    I would like to know if anyone has heard of or had any experience with cupid uk escorts, they claim to be an escort agency and have a headquarters in hertfordshire, if yes are they legit,
    thank you,

  36. Josh says:

    Cupid uk escorts I do not know if these guys are a scam, no other comments saying there a scam and other websites say there website domain has been about for 4 years,, any advice I’m assuming it’s probably a scam but can’t say for sure

  37. Linda says:

    Hi, Please be aware of Simply Meet. They did precisely the same thing. They charged £175 for six months membership and £350 for 12 months. They take your money and then you never hear from them again. I reported them to action fraud. Then the police responded with a letter several months later.
    They said that the man who ran this “agency” had left the country. They also said that they will NOT be arresting him upon his return to the U.K So please take heed of this warning.

  38. Angelique says:

    what about the non sex escort agencies that DON’T request a joining fee, just a percentage of your date earnings?
    Why wouldn’t wealthy business men/women in foreign city (for example) want to pay £60 for a plus one to a wedding/bis dinner/dance etc?

    • Jo says:

      Did you find any escort businesses what say that? Because I’d love to do all the date stuff and socialise with people who want company but I don’t think I’m noww for any sexual stuff

  39. BellaJ says:

    Hi can anybody tell me it they used or know about Cinderella escort agency and also companion group a lady named kitty? I’m looking to join an escorting agency as I am aware there is no such thing as non sexual agencies which I’m happy with just want to go with the right one. If anybody knows any good agencies even that would be great! Thanks xx

  40. Jessie says:

    I signed up with an escort agency recently (I won’t mention their name) however they were very professional and transparent through the entire sign up process. They were honest that they do not guarantee bookings which I found refreshing as every other escorting site I researched claimed I would get work. They explained that clients are in control of who they choose and that is why they cannot guarantee I will be picked.

    I paid a subscription fee of £25 for 3 months advertising and I have received 4 bookings so far. The staff at the agency are always polite and helpful with arranging the bookings and I have received hundreds of pounds for just going out to dinner and to the theatre.

    Therefore, please do not think that every escort agency that offers a fee is a scam because they’re not. What you need to look out for is companies who ask for a large amount of money as a fee to sign up and also promise bookings because that is unrealistic!

    • BigSuzyM says:

      They take 20-40% of your income AND they charge you to have you pictures on their website? Or they just charge you to have pictures on their website? If it’s the latter, that’s not an agency, that’s a directory.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Jessica, can you please tell us who this is because I want to find a legitimate company
      And if you really have found one why wouldn’t you share it with others?

  41. Chaz says:

    Hi has anyone heard of premier companions? Wanted an upfront payment of £295 for advertising, but changed it to £130 for 3 months.

  42. Emma says:

    ‘ Premier companions ‘ is a SCAM! They told me I had a booking after I showed my interest and all I needed to do was pay £290 which I stupidly did. So frustratingly just before Christmas I was scammed for this amount which is a lot of money for me. Really upset. I’ve filed it in the fraud team online and told my bank.

    If anyone knows a legitimate non sexual escorting company I would love to know.

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