I can say hand on heart that currently, I work with the best team of ladies I have ever done. Sure, great ladies have worked with me in the past, but never before has everyone in the team been so damn good. The current Elite ladies are so brilliantly customer focused that every morning my inbox is full of praise; they genuinely all strive to be the best at what they do. And the most wonderful thing is, there’s no low self esteem fuelled drama and bitchiness. Narcissism – a big problem this time last year – is at an all time low. It’s fair to say that the 2013 Christmas party is going to be fun, even more fun than last year if that’s possible. I hope not to pass out and piss myself (no promises).

But being in this industry as an agent and speaking with as many clients as I do, I occasionally hear from those who have grievances with ladies outside of my agency. Sometimes they ask for my help, other times they just want to share what has happened. In the last month or so, I have heard three complaints from three very upset men about girls taking money without providing a service. In two of the cases we are talking about thousands of pounds. Over the years i’ve heard many, many more.

Just as it angers me when clients rip off escorts, it angers me equally when escorts do the same back. When I meet a potential Elite Courtesan for an interview, I always remind her that the gents are not there to chat (or very very few are). So if you get to the end of a booking and all you’ve done is talk, you’re probably a bit of charlatan. Similarly, if you’re poorly during the booking and leave early, or spend the booking hiding in the bathroom then you walk out without giving the client his money back, you’re being incredibly dishonest. Forget all this ‘oh i’ll give you a freebie next time babe’, JUST GIVE THE GUY HIS MONEY BACK.

But the pièce de résistance: if you take thousands off a client for a weekend away – as happened in two of these cases according to the gents – and that never materialises because your nan died, your cat got stuck up a tree or whatever, it stands to reason that as a decent human being the first thing you do is give the money back. If you don’t, you’re a fraudster and a cunt.

In an ideal United Kingdom, where prostitution was entirely legal and punters were not viewed as morally reprehensible, a client could have recourse through the courts for the above. But currently I dare say very few men would consider taking that action, so escorts who obtain money by deception get away with it.

My advice gents is this, if a lady takes your money without providing a service: write a review. Write reviews on Captain69, Punterlink and Punternet. Keep it factual, honest and calm. By keeping it reasonable it’s more likely to be published and more likely to believed. Many guys I speak to say they are worried about reprisals if they write a negative review. In almost all cases you are being paranoid and shouldn’t let it put you off. If my agency received a bad review, all I would do is either write an apology or a rebuttal. I wouldn’t employ a team of henchman to break your legs.

But really it should never get to that. Firstly because if any of my ladies took money without providing a service it would be given back to the client. And secondly because all of my ladies view their work as a business, and understand that scamming people gets you a quick buck now but leaves you floundering later. That client will never book you again, and repeat clients are the lifeblood of your business. You really have to be terribly thick not to work that out.

3 thoughts on “Be Excellent To Each Other

  1. Elrond says:

    I’ve had a really very few poor service, but never any no shows. Paying a few thousand up front for a long weekend away has been something I have done a few times, as well as paying up for and booking the accomodation 9 months before the date.

    Such is the trust I have in this escort I book, she never calls in sick, the result last year I had to push her around the muddy fields of Glastonbury in a wheel chair. She broke her leg the week before. Still a fun date we both really enjoyed.

    You previous post on being well washed. Bit of a problem when I took her there the year before, Glastonbury is not renowned for showers. We did shower the once, communial showers in the Greenpeace field, two hour wait.

    Since then we up upped the game, and now rent a Yurt with showers to hand, and no queues.

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