This blog post was written by the very lovely Scarlett.

Warm, fragrant droplets of water glided down my nipples as you washed me with your bare hands.

There was something so seductive about the way you looked at my nakedness so intensely. As though, you knew how good it felt to be watched.

I thought about how you had devoured every inch of my body moments before. Now you were doing so with your deep, powerful gaze.

‘How can this be the first time we’ve met?’ I thought to myself. You’d somehow taken the few words offered by my profile page and created my perfect fantasy, without any prior conversation with me. Everything from your suit, your choice of location and your desires.

The reason I joined Elite and the reason I stay are both the same and wildly different if that’s possible. I joined because escorting has always been a fantasy of mine and something I got a taste of when I was younger. I loved the thrill and the allure of it back then and I still do now. Although I’ve experienced happy, monogamous relationships with both men and women, I found that my mind would wander back to my secret lovers and our Scarlett rendezvous, like she was sitting beneath the surface waiting to be unleashed.

Resurrecting her was a scary prospect, now that I am older (26) I wondered whether the intrigue would have somewhat diminished in my more mature mind. Could my handful of memories live up to the reality of what it meant to be an escort? Luckily, or unluckily, the reality of my Elite dates often surpasses my prior fantasies. I meet with both male and female clients who are too, doing it for the right reasons. I say ‘unluckily’ because I know that Scarlett cannot be a permanent fixture in my life, one day I will have to go back to living a ‘normal life’ which will only be made harder by the fact it’s such an enjoyable lifestyle.

I have discovered so much about myself since joining Elite and one of my favourites is that there is nothing that turns me on more than intelligence. If we can hold a meaningful, rich and interesting conversation our physical connection is so much deeper. I also really respect when you’ve opened up to me with your secrets and vulnerabilities. I am often told that the moments you spend with me are some of the only times you can be truly ‘you’, I understand and appreciate that because many of my moments as Scarlett are when I can truly be me too. Somehow stepping outside the walls of my identity allows me the freedom to express myself more generously than I do in ‘real’ life. Sex and intimacy are so important when it comes to leading a healthy life, to be able to offer others the opportunity to ‘unleash’ an often-suppressed side of themselves is something I feel very grateful to offer.

For those of you who aren’t active on Twitter, I will leave you with this extract I shared which articulates Scarlett from my perspective.

“How does it feel?” he panted. “To be Scarlett?”

I looked away and contemplated how to answer. To articulate her in a few words was no easy task.

“Think of the lack of inhibitions you feel after swallowing straight vodka. Or the exhilaration offered by speeding down an empty highway at night.

Roll all of that into one, indulgent rush and you have a glimpse of how it feels to be Scarlett, except, I am stone-cold-sober and the high lasts for days.”

S x