The post below was written by our very beautiful and fun black escort, Yasmin.

Being an air hostess for one of the world’s leading airlines has a lot of perks – you get to see the world, meet amazing people..and have a lot of fun. In the first year working with the airline I had a very sexy experience that I thought only existed in fictional erotica novels!

Return night flights to Gatwick from New York are always interesting as the mature businessmen occupy most of the first class cabin where I work. The gent in 4C – Mr A – was a no brainer…I was instantly attracted to him. He was tall, had smoked grey hair, plus an air of confidence and charm that I noted as I served his pre flight champagne. He complimented me on my impeccable service, charming smile and made a cheeky comment about how great my bum looked in my short skirted uniform. I was looking forward to getting to know him better during the flight.

Working in first class allowed us hostesses the pleasure of getting to know our clients. Mr A had used the call bell to get my attention on a number of occasions and as his champagne flowed his banter became more suggestive and enticing. The more I spoke to him the more he turned me on. At one point I did agree to his request and bent over seductively enough for him to glimpse my gloss hold ups and silk panties! He stroked my bum and slid his hand inside my upper thigh, all the while holding an intense gaze which sent a shudder through my body.

I was the only hostess on duty during this part of the flight and went to dim the cabin lights so that the passengers could sleep. When I returned to the gally a not so unexpected visitor waited for me. Without saying a word Mr A took my hand and led me to the restroom. It was risky – I could lose my job! I did hesitate for a split second but the tension was overwhelming and I gave in.

I checked we were all clear and followed him into the tight space. Without conversation he cupped my face with one hand and slid his warm tongue into my eagerly waiting mouth while his other hand caressed my wet pussy. Time was of the essence, so we didn’t hang around. He turned me to face the mirror and I arched my back as he slide my panties down to my ankles. He swiftly slipped his rock hard cock into my tight wet cunt, and I had to resist the urge to scream out in pleasure. He fucked me hard and fast and as I got close to climax he gently pused his wet finger into my arse to make me come harder. I could feel that he was about to come as I gently squeezed his balls, and he came hard with an explosive orgasm.

Within a matter of minutes Mr A was comfortably settled back in his seat and I had a wicked smile on my face, not believing I had gotten away with it! Even better, I was now a member of the Elite Mile High Club.

Yasmin x

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