This naughty blog post was written by our busty blonde goddess and escort extraordinaire, Holly.

What would seem an ordinary day in the week for most, was not the case for me. It is the beep of my phone that notifies me of a fantasy lover. It excites me each and every time as sex is at the heart of what it means to be human, and I want to affect people between the ears as much as between the legs.

Into my journey I go, the lights of the motorway and the sound of the music in the car starts my curiosity of who my fantasy lover might be. On my arrival in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside, standing to attention is this spectacular Manor house, set in the heart of a 14 century village. I have an absolute love of the English Heritage, oh and did I mention the English accent.

I park and reach for my bag in order to notify the office I have arrived. I receive a message that I am to meet my fantasy lover at the bar. I get out my car, straighten my dress and head towards the entrance. As I get to the bar a pleasant looking man with medium short silver hair greets me. He reminds me of a British Professor, his pale blue eyes and British accent melts me down further. I am pleased and lean forward to give him a kiss hello, my lover now has a face.

We take a walk over to a corner of the bar which has a cosy lounge area and awaiting for me is a chilled glass of champagne. We begin to chat getting to know each other and creating a comfortable zone. He then wants to know how I pleasure myself and so we begin to trade erotic scenarios and sexual fantasies, this is incredibly arousing. He leans into me and requests that I lift my dress a little higher so he can get a glimpse of my thighs; enough but not enough to make others stare. It is about being classy, discreet and doing it in the public eye that excites him. Our sexual conversation and secret “tete-a tetes” continued for some time, it was pretty much like reaching into a cookie jar, there was no stopping.

I was pleased when he suggested we move to the bedroom because all the sexual conversation had released havoc on my body. I was ready for him to pleasure me and was extremely aroused. As we entered the room we could no longer wait and I gave into the way his hands caressed me. His lips were soft and gently, he smelled so good and I wound my hands around his neck and crushed my body to his. My skin tingled as our bodies met, his skin felt good against mine, natural and comfortable.

Every womanly need in me was aroused and my body weakened. He grabbed my ass and I knew his destination and now he was there, between my legs with his mouth. His wandering tongue knew how to get my body ignited. I tried to hold back, but my insides contracted and wave after wave of extreme pleasure swept over me. He then moved his body over mine, his breathing hard and heavy. Stroking his erection down to the base he whispered in my ear “so sorry but this will be quick and hard”, with his British accent adding to my arousal. He took my legs and raised them over his hips, driving his hardness deep into me, over and over again. The please continued with his deep hard strokes driving me mad with desire, my clit was still aroused from his mouth.

I watched his face concentrating and wanting a piece of paradise as he moved inside of me. One last thrust gave way to another glorious orgasm, as he moaned out in pleasure breathing heavy, he slumped beside me and together we took in the moment. Looking at each other we realised it was time to say goodbye, so I dashed to the shower.

Grabbing my coat I pass the full length mirror in the doorway, checking that I am properly dressed. I glance and smile, as I say goodbye.

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